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Road rage is a technical violation

We already mentioned how showing aggression towards other drivers (road rage) is a road violation in the UK. Angrily sounding your horn is a potential £30-£1000 fine – yikes! Your best bet is to release any built up stress before hopping in your car. Here at Fixter, we’re all about making the driving / car ownership experience as pleasant as possible. By handling the door to door garage process, you can spend time on things you enjoy. The IAM RoadSmart project shares some tips, found below, on how to relax and reduce triggers for road rage.

Stress indicators

Given the pressures of daily life, you might be aware of high stress levels. Here are some key indicators.

•Irritable towards others
•Easily distracted / forgetting things easily
•Nonstop thoughts + can’t “switch off”
•Quiet and withdrawn from things you enjoy
•Changes in diet / eating habits
•Excessive smoking and drinking
•Muscle tension + headaches
•Frequently ill + feeling sick

How to level out before driving

•Go for a walk in fresh air + drink plenty of water
•Wait before starting your journey, you might just need a minute
•Make a to do list and plan to accomplish items causing you stress
•Be aware of sleep levels, especially if you’re feeling tired

Spend time in nature

The Daily express recently listed their best UK walks to escape stressful urban areas. After walking about these rustic trails, feelings of road rage will likely vanish. Here’s our top three picks:

South Downs Way

Just a few hours from London, while offering a feeling of detachment from society, this 100 mile route travels from England’s ancient capital at Winchester to the white cliffs of Eastbourne.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

And breathe..

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This National Geographic ranked trail covers 186 miles along the UK coast. With much to discover from dramatic cliff scenery to tranquil beaches and hidden bays, the biggest issue is reemerging into reality.

Dales Way

Wander through the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Park along 78 miles of the UK’s most hard to reach natural features. To remain from feeling too isolated, you’ll pass by quaint Yorkshire villages.

Get out and explore to maintain stress levels – safe driving!

Image credit – Celtic Trails