This past summer, we covered May’s changes to the UK MOT test. Our overview identified top failure points, like brake issues. More recently, statistics covered in Auto Express suggests faulty brakes contribute highly to MOT rejections. The article sources data pulled from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) by, revealing that over 1 million cars failed an MOT test since May. Top offenders include leaking hydraulic fluid, and brake / disc drum issues, among others. If your brakes seem a tad “off”, Fixter’s door-to-door brake servicing offerings provide an easy solution. Checking your brakes could save you from a costly, time consuming MOT failure.

In addition to brake issues, emissions failures increase

It’s no surprise the UK is cracking down on high-emissions vehicles. Although brake issues contribute highly to MOT failures, they aren’t the only culprit. “…almost 750,000 cars failed their MoT for emissions between 20 May and 19 November 2018 – up from around 350,000 in the same period last year” (Auto Express). These statistics don’t account for diesel car failures, which quadrupled since the updated MOT regulations. “Some 58,004 diesels failed the emission portion of the MoT test between 20 May and 19 November 2017, but this figure increased to 238,871 in the same period this year.”

Book a diagnostic inspection

As cars becoming increasingly controlled by an on-board computer or Engine Control Unit (ECU), your best bet for passing an MOT test is to schedule a diagnostic inspection. Although handling brake issues might seem like an easy fix, there might be other fault points hidden beneath the surface. Starting at £49, our service provides peace of mind ahead of an upcoming MOT test. Between Fixter’s door-to-door approach, and our trusted top-rated garage network, we’ve got you covered. Click on below to get a free quote before making a decision on your service and maintenance needs.

Image credit – Auto Express