Driven by the experience economy

Auto Trader’s market report on the future of car ownership illustrates how those aged under 21 are more loyal to experiences than particular brands. With this, they value private car ownership as the ultimate way to reach their dreams. In fact, 80% of drivers surveyed claim they want to “own” their car. As consumers raised amongst subscription-based models for services like Spotify, Netflix, Uber, these individuals approach the idea of car ownership in a similar way. The Sun reports on ownership vs. “usership.” Which “…is the way forward for the industry instead of ownership, with 40 per cent of all used car sales expected to be bought through finance in the next five years alone.”

Car finance – pathway to usership

Factors like maintenance/damage responsibility, cost-effectiveness, upfront costs, and ease of car swapping greatly influences “usership” over outright ownership. 34% of drivers aged 16-34 claim total cost of ownership as a major hurdle. Insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, road tax, and fuel costs, in addition to the purchase price make up running expenses. Giving preference to all-in-one subscription fees, most drivers would rather not worry about additional costs. It certainly opens the door to what’s possible in the world of car finance.

Bridging the gap with Fixter

Fixter’s flat servicing fees fits within the realm of the “experience economy.” Our drivers handle the entire door-to-door process leaving room for you to focus on what you love most. As always, if additional services are recommended, you have the final say as to whether the garage should proceed. We’re here to help you make the most of your car ownership. If you’re in need of a MOT, or major, full, or interim service, click below to get a quote. Since we only work with the top garages, Fixter offers an incredible value.

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About Fixter

Fixter is revolutionising the car maintenance industry, one repair at a time. Fixter was founded to make car maintenance as easy as booking a taxi. Digital, transparent and stress-free, with world-class customer service. Since launching in Manchester in 2017, Fixter has expanded to more than 100 cities across the UK and provided thousands of car owners with honest, convenient and affordable car repair services.