Car advice

If your holiday travels require a car rental within the UK, make sure to follow the tips below. Provided by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), you’ll find pointers to avoid unnecessary hassle.

The organisation claims many companies offer prices that really are too good to be true. To avoid such shady operations, make sure to browse the BVRLA directory for certified members.

BVRLA chief executive, Gerry Keaney speaks about imposter businesses. He says they’re simple to create and hard to distinguish against reputable companies.

“Unfortunately, it is very easy for companies to build a basic website and set up a call centre to pass themselves off as a legitimate business.”

10 things to look for during the car rental process

1. Understand pricing – check out what’s included, there may be additional fees added on.
2. Be transparent – discuss plans with the car rental company, especially if you plan to drive abroad.
3. Read all paperwork – you might be in a rush to get to family, but always know the terms before signing.
4. Make sure you’re covered – additional insurance might be necessary for full coverage.
5. Know the road laws for your destination – avoid unnecessary fines, read up driving rules if travlling abroad.
6. Check fuel levels – return the car with the correct fuel amount promised in your agreement.
7. Prepare yourself – know what you’re seeking when arriving at the car rental company. Don’t let them talk you into unneeded services.
8. Document the car before leaving – with mobile phones, it’s so easy to take photos of the car’s condition. This will come in handy should issues arise.
9. Leave time for a proper return – avoid bringing the car back with no time to spare for a follow-up inspection. You may be responsible for damage you didn’t cause.
10. Know where to send a complaint – if rented from a BVRLA member company, you’re covered. Within Europe, European Car Rental Conciliation Service may assist. Research similar organisations for where your car rental occurs.