Nare hotel offers Morgan experience

Cornwall’s scenic coastline provides the setting for a weekend escape. Adding to this, the Nare Hotel provides an unparalleled way to take in the sights. Those staying at the Nare can hire a vintage Morgan 4/4 for a day or the entire length of their booking. With an open top, the Morgan is ideal for enjoying Cornwall’s seaside breeze and natural beauty. Furthermore, the car comes with a picnic hamper to hold lunch for two.

Unusual Cornwall attractions

While taking the Morgan 4/4 out for a drive, here are some unusual things to do in Cornwall – recommended by Atlas Obscura.

St. Michael’s Mount

Similar to Mont St. Michel in France, this hilltop parish becomes accessible to the land during low tide. However, unlike the French counterpart, visitors need a boat during high tide – there is no bridge.

“One of 43 tidal islands within walking distance of mainland Britain, St. Michael’s is (if historians are correct) one of the earliest locations identified in text in all of Western Europe.”

The Eden Project – world’s largest greenhouse

This futuristic looking greenhouse houses over one million types of plants in two bio domes. In each cluster of orbs rising from the ground, visitors experience mediterranean and tropical climates and respective flora.

“The Tropical Biome features rubber plants, bananas, and bamboo stalks towering above visitors in the nearly four-acre dome. The Mediterranean Biome is only 1.6 acres, but is similarly filled to capacity with olive plants and grape vines.”

Minack Theatre

With the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop, this theatre debuted with summer performances of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Although ruined in the second World War, the theatre’s determined owner kept it running until 1976.

“Despite being in an impractical location, Cade was determined. Along with two other builders, she hauled granite and timber up from the beach below and down through her garden to build up this open air playhouse. Sadly, their work was ravaged during World War II. Cade, determined, simply rebuilt the structure after the war.”

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