Thousands of UK shoppers spent the night awaiting retailers to open for steep boxing day sales. The Daily Express cites research from Barclaycard, which states 4 in 10 adults participate in the shopping frenzy. While everyone is racing to get the latest deal, our discount is accessible from the comfort of your home. Valid now, type in the promo code: THANKYOU10 to access 10% off any Fixter service. Although it’ll be active for longer than 24 hours, you should use and share the discount with friends and family asap. You don’t want to miss out. Click below to redeem.

Origin of Boxing Day

There are many theories as to where the holiday, celebrated by the UK and commonwealth countries (Canada and Australia), received its name. According to the Daily Express, the first recording of the day goes back to 1883. One common misconception is that the day is related to heaps of empty boxes left from Christmas. Although there is an element of “unboxing” on Boxing Day, it’s more likely the holiday has to do with giving gifts to those who didn’t receive any the day before. Whatever the origins, Boxing Day has become a holiday to hit the stores, return unwanted gifts, and hunt for deals.

Retailers experiencing decline

Although millions of shoppers will go out looking for sales, The Guardian cites a 4.5% decline last year, and an anticipated 5.2% drop for today. “Modern families are complicated, so people may see the other side of their family on Boxing Day. It’s [in effect] a two-day Christmas but by the 27th, they have done all that and want to go out and do something else.” It seems retailers will have to adjust to accommodate for extra family time as consumers’ needs change. We hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Happy deal hunting!

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