How much does it cost to replace your air conditioning refrigerant?

The air conditioning regas cost (UK) ranges between £30 and £200.

The average cost of an aircon refrigerant replacement balances out at £77.

What are the aircon service or regas costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
Aircon regas / replacementCitroen C1 1ltr Petrol£46£4014%
Aircon regas / replacementLand Rover 3.6ltr Diesel£157£13516%
Aircon regas / replacementVW Golf 1.4ltr Petrol£70£6017%
Aircon regas / replacementNissan X-Trail 1.6ltr Diesel£169£14914%
Aircon regas / replacementVauxhall Astra 1.6ltr Petrol£69£6015%
Aircon regas / replacementMercedes A Class 1.5ltr Petrol£71£6018%
Aircon regas / replacementFord Fiesta 1.2ltr Petrol£45£4013%
Aircon regas / replacementFiat 500 1.2ltr Petrol£122£10516%
Aircon regas / replacementToyota Prius 1.5ltr Petrol£68£6013%

What factors can affect an aircon regas or replacement?

Aircon refrigerant replacement is a fairly straightforward procedure. When our air conditioning fails to blow the cold air we expect, more often than not it’s simply run out of refrigerant. However, there are always those odd occasions where the problem is something a little more complicated. There are a few other compontents in your AC system that could fail and need replacement, for example, your compressor or condenser. In each, there are parts that will fail over time due to normal use each time you drive your car.

Problems could include anything from leaky seals, dirty coils, and blocked pipes. The refrigerant can clog within the system—especially in the smaller pipes—if moisture or air contaminates the system.

Regular checks or a performance test when you get your vehicle service should help you spot any issues in advance, leaving the only real consumable to be your refrigerant.

What are the costs of aircon regas parts and consumables?

Prices for aircon refrigerant vary for each make and model. Looking at our records, we found the average price of refrigerant to be £38.

Refrigerant refill canisters start at around £15 and can cost up to £60. DIY home top-up kits cost between £25 and £45 for those with the experience to carry out the job themselves.

What are the labour times and rates for an aircon regas replacement?

Our records show the labour times and hourly rates vary for garages and dealerships across the country. There are all sorts of factors that can affect both, from the size of the business, demand for their service, and unforseen problems carrying out the service.

We found, though, that the average hourly rate outside London falls at £72 and the rates of garages operating within the London area are slightly higher, but not as much as you may expect, at £78.

How long does an aircon refrigerant replacement take?

Again, we calculated the average times from our wealth of service records. As we said, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure, and generally takes between half an hour and an hour.

Looking a bit deeper at particular makes and models, the following table shows a few examples from our own data.


Car Make          Car ModelTypical Regas Time
FordFiesta1.2 hours
Fiat5000.5 hours
VolkswagenGolf0.9 hours
MercedesC Class0.5 hours
AudiA40.8 hours
BMW5 Series0.7 hours
Land RoverRange Rover1.0 hours
VolkswagenTiguan0.9 hours
AudiQ50.8 hours

Everything you need to know about an air conditioning recharge

Your car’s air conditioning does much more than just keep you cool in those hot summer months (if we’re lucky enough to get any!). Your aircon creates dry, warm air, so in winter, it can also help with the demisting of your windscreen and remove the excess moist air from your car.

You’ll know if your air conditioning unit isn’t working correctly, as the cool air you’re used to feeling it pump out won’t be as chilled or even cold at all. If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to get your air conditioning recharged.

Signs your air conditioning needs regassing

The first (and most obvious) sign is that your air con isn’t blowing out fresh cold air. If this is the case, there might be problems with the condenser unit or another part of the air conditioning system, but more often than not, all it needs is a top-up of refrigerant.

Maintaining the correct air-con refrigerant and lubricant levels

To perform at its best, your air conditioning needs to be in tip-top condition. That means no cracks or leaks in the system and the required level of refrigerant gas and lubricant. A recharge or air-con service will take care of everything you need, providing you with the icy cold air stream into your car that you’re used to.

The benefits of a clean air conditioner unit

It’s not too widely known, but the inside of your aircon unit, particularly around the evaporator that leads to the car’s cabin, is dark and wet—the perfect place to grow mould.

The bacteria in mould can lead to minor respiratory issues and allergies. It’s one more good reason to get a service for your air-con when you’re booking in for a regas.

How often should you get your air conditioning recharged?

Manufacturers recommend an aircon service or regassing every two years. If you use your air conditioning continuously, you may find you need to carry out the process a little more regularly. A poorly performing air conditioning system can be responsible for slightly higher fuel usage, so, as soon as you feel that cold air losing its chill, it’s time to get things sorted.

Regular air-con usage and maintenance

If you do find you need to regas more often than typically suggested, there are air conditioning regas kits available for those confident enough to carry out the process themselves.

However, if you’re not 100% certain you know what you’re doing, then it pays to have a professional mechanic take care of it for you. And at Fixter’s fabulous and fair prices, it’s hardly worth the cost of the kits or the reassurance that your car is being looked after by the best in the business.

The best way to maintain your air conditioning is to use it all year round. If you detect any unusual smells coming from your air-con, then you should consider an anti-bacterial clean and a change of the cabin filter.

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