Everything you need to know about an air conditioning recharge

Your car’s air conditioning does much more than just keep you cool in those hot summer months (if we’re lucky enough to get any!)

Your aircon creates dry, warm air, so in winter, it can also help with the demisting of your windscreen and remove the excess moist air from your car.

You’ll know if your air conditioning unit isn’t working correctly. The cool air you’re used to feeling won’t be as chilled or even cold at all. If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to get your air conditioning recharged.

Signs your air conditioning needs regassing

The first (and most obvious) sign is that your air con isn’t blowing out fresh cold air.

If this is the case, there might be problems with the condenser unit or another part of the air conditioning system. But more often than not, all it needs is a top-up of refrigerant.

Maintaining the correct air-con refrigerant and lubricant levels

To perform at its best, your air conditioning needs to be in tip-top condition. That means no cracks or leaks in the system and the required level of refrigerant gas and lubricant.

A recharge or air-con service will take care of everything you need, providing you with the icy cold air stream into your car that you’re used to.

How much does an air conditioning service or regas cost?

Your air conditioning price will depend on whether you opt for a regas or a full service.

A typical air-con regas price will be in the region or £60–70.

Choose Fixter to take care of business and you can expect to save up to 30% than if you chose a dealer to do the same work.

Servicing your air conditioning unit will cost around £10–£20 more than a standard air-con regas, but for that, it’ll get a thorough cleaning, which is more important than you think.

Car make and modelFixter priceSavings

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1.2 litres


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The benefits of an AC regas or recharge 

The inside of your aircon unit, particularly around the evaporator that leads to the car’s cabin, is dark and wet — the perfect place to grow mould. 

The bacteria in mould can lead to minor respiratory issues and allergies. It’s one more good reason to get a service for your air-con when you’re booking in for a regas.

How often should you get your air conditioning recharged?

Manufacturers recommend an aircon service or regassing every two years. If you use your air conditioning continuously, you may find you need to carry out the process a little more regularly.

A poorly performing air conditioning system can be responsible for slightly higher fuel usage, so, as soon as you feel that cold air losing its chill, it’s time to get things sorted.

Regular air-con usage and maintenance

If you do find you need to regas more often than typically suggested, there are air conditioning regas kits available for those confident enough to carry out the process themselves.

However, if you’re not 100% certain you know what you’re doing, then it pays to have a professional mechanic take care of it for you. And at Fixter’s fabulous and fair prices, it’s hardly worth the cost of the kits for the reassurance that your car is being looked after by the best in the business.

The best way to maintain your air conditioning is to use it all year round. If you detect any unusual smells coming from your air-con, then you should consider an anti-bacterial clean and a change of the cabin filter.

Ask the air-con experts

If you have any questions at all about your air conditioning, its function, maintenance or troubleshooting a problem, our in-house mechanics are always at hand to answer your questions.

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