How much does it cost to replace a car radiator?

According to Fixter data, car radiator replacement cost (UK) ranges between £258 and £501.

Our average car radiator replacement cost works out at £378.

Can I carry out a car radiator replacement myself?

It’s not a job for the faint-hearted, so unless you’re a well-experienced DIY mechanic, we’d leave this one to the professionals.

You’ll need a range of tools designed to get into awkward spaces and loosen and tighten some special nuts. You’ll also benefit from owning a few more special tools to help drain and refill the cooling system with the correct coolant mix.

There are plenty of hoses and connectors attached to the radiator and the parts it connects to, including the condenser and cooling fan. Then there are pressure tests to ensure the fluid is properly in place. So unless you’re confident in your skills, it’s a big job for a DIYer.

What are the car radiator replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

Operation Vehicle Dealer Price Fixter Price Saving
Car radiator replacement Ford Fiesta 1.6ltr £474 £408 16%
Car radiator replacement Volkswagen Passat 2ltr £342 £303 13%
Car radiator replacement Jaguar XE 2ltr £569 £487 17%
Car radiator replacement Volkswagen Golf 1.6ltr £312 £271 15%
Car radiator replacement Land Rover Evoque 2.2ltr £536 £470 14%
Car radiator replacement BMW X5 3ltr £562 £501 12%
Car radiator replacement Nissan Qashqai 1.5ltr £469 £404 16%
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