How much does it cost to replace a fuel pump?


According to our research, a fuel pump replacement cost in the UK ranges between £450 and £1,200, depending on various factors, such as model and availability of fuel pump, construction of car and labour. On average, a fuel pump replacement works out at £500.


Can I carry out a fuel pump replacement myself?


A fuel pump replacement is a tricky job – especially if you have just filled your tank! Requiring the removal of the fuel tank before beginning the repair using multiple jacks and elevation, a DIY mechanic may not have these available. As well as the usual problems, there is the complication of fuel being flammable. This task could be dangerous for a non-professional, so we recommend leaving this one to the trained mechanics. If you do attempt the replacement yourself, have a fire extinguisher to hand and ensure the space around you is well ventilated so and fuel fumes can blow away.


What additional factors could affect fuel pump replacement?


Usually, the cost of replacing a fuel pump is down to the make and model, whom you choose to do the work and where in the country you are based, yet there are a few circumstances that could bump up the price:

  • Whether the issue is with the armature or the physical pump itself 
  • Discovering further damage within the engine -due to driving with a faulty fuel pump for too long
  • Availability of spare parts 
  • Some fuel pumps require parts to transfer from the old unit; this can be problematic if they are damaged


What are the costs of fuel pump replacement parts?


Prices for a new fuel pump vary for each make and model. The average price of a fuel pump from Eurocarparts is £204.


What are the labour rates for fuel pump replacement?


Fuel pump repair costs can vary across the country according to the garage or dealership’s size, location, types of service they offer, and the local demand. For garages within London, the average rate works out at £78 per hour. For the garages throughout the country, the price was a little lower, at £72 per hour.


How long does a fuel pump repair take?


We found that the average fuel pump replacement job can take anywhere between 1 and 6 hours.