How much does it cost to replace a wiper motor?

According to our research, front wiper motor replacement cost (UK) ranges between £100 and £300, and a rear wiper motor replacement between £50 and £120.

The average cost of a front wiper motor replacement is approximately £175, with a rear wiper motor replacement at around £85.

Can I carry out a wiper motor replacement myself?

Replacing a windscreen wiper motor like-for-like shouldn’t be too complicated a job for the capable home DIY mechanic with basic electrical skills, as long as you’ve got all the right tools for the job. Some wiper motors can be quite tricky to access without the appropriate experience and knowledge.

However, if you’re not completely confident that you can safely access and remove the motor, or the cowl where it’s located, our expert mechanics are ready to get those wipers working again, without you even leaving your home.

What are the wiper motor replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

Fixter saves its customers, on average, 30% against dealership prices. So if you need a new wiper motor, you like the idea of those great savings and our incredibly convenient end-to-end service, then get in touch right away.

At Fixter, quality is paramount. Our in-house mechanics survey the garages in your area, working exclusively with those that deliver the high standards our customers expect.

What additional factors could affect a windshield wiper motor replacement?

There isn’t too much else to go wrong when a wiper motor reaches the end of its life. However, it’s still worth checking the rest of the wiper system to make sure it all works as efficiently as you need it to. The full assembly uses a range of gears and mechanisms to transfer movement to the wiper arms and blades.

However, before you dive in and replace a wiper motor that isn’t spinning, it’s worth checking that the problem isn’t with its fuse, relay, switc