How much does it cost to replace an aircon compressor?

The aircon compressor replacement cost (UK) ranges between £360 and £850.

Our figures show that the average cost of an aircon compressor replacement stands at £574.

Can I carry out the aircon compressor replacement myself?

Replacing an aircon compressor requires a few specialist tools, especially when draining and recharging the system with refrigerant. It also demands the mechanical knowledge and experience of removing and replacing the fan belt (also known as the serpentine, water pump or accessory drive belt). With that in mind, we’d suggest that this is a job for a professional mechanic.

What are the aircon compressor replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

Operation Vehicle Dealer Price Fixter Price Saving
Aircon compressor replacement VW Golf 2.0ltr Diesel £598 £520 15%
Aircon compressor replacement Seat Leon 1.6ltr Diesel £969 £850 14%
Aircon compressor replacement Audi Q7 3.0ltr Diesel £842 £720 17%
Aircon compressor replacement Vauxhall Meriva 1.4ltr Petrol £418 £360 16%
Aircon compressor replacement Honda Civic 1.8ltr Petrol £656 £575 14%
Aircon compressor replacement VW Polo 1.2ltr Petrol £475 £420 13%

What factors can affect an aircon compressor replacement?

Accessing the aircon compressor is one of the most problematic parts of its replacement, so labour times and associated costs can be high, driving up your replacement car aircon compressor price.

A range of components work in tandem with your compressor. Your compressor is the heart of the air conditioning, and it could be any one of those connected parts that cause it to stop working.

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