How much does it cost to replace an aircon compressor?

The aircon compressor replacement cost (UK) ranges between £360 and £850.

Our figures show that the average cost of an aircon compressor replacement stands at £574.

Can I carry out the aircon compressor replacement myself?

Replacing an aircon compressor requires a few specialist tools, especially when draining and recharging the system with refrigerant. It also demands the mechanical knowledge and experience of removing and replacing the fan belt (also known as the serpentine, water pump or accessory drive belt). With that in mind, we’d suggest that this is a job for a professional mechanic.

What are the aircon compressor replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
Aircon compressor replacementVW Golf 2.0ltr Diesel£598£52015%
Aircon compressor replacementSeat Leon 1.6ltr Diesel£969£85014%
Aircon compressor replacementAudi Q7 3.0ltr Diesel£842£72017%
Aircon compressor replacementVauxhall Meriva 1.4ltr Petrol£418£36016%
Aircon compressor replacementHonda Civic 1.8ltr Petrol£656£57514%
Aircon compressor replacementVW Polo 1.2ltr Petrol£475£42013%

What factors can affect an aircon compressor replacement?

Accessing the aircon compressor is one of the most problematic parts of its replacement, so labour times and associated costs can be high, driving up your replacement car aircon compressor price.

A range of components work in tandem with your compressor. Your compressor is the heart of the air conditioning, and it could be any one of those connected parts that cause it to stop working.

When it comes to replacing a compressor, it’s likely that there will be other parts that need, or are recommended to be replaced at the same time. This could include the condenser, dryer, evaporator, and a multitude of hoses, tubes, seals, and connectors.

Damaged or worn seals tend to be the most common faults, leaking refrigerant and AC oil, and often developing into sludge in the system.

What are the costs of aircon compressor replacement parts?

Prices for a new aircon compressor vary for each make and model. The average car aircon compressor cost from Eurocarparts is £319.

You’ll also need to flush and replace the refrigerant; the replacement fluid’s average cost is £80.

In our search, we looked at the average compressor prices for standard 2015 models.

Car MakeCar ModelCompressor Prices
BMW5 Series£809
Land RoverRange Rover£675

What are the labour times and rates for aircon compressor replacement?

Hourly labour rates vary from garage to garage and in different areas of the country. We’ve considered all the contributing factors, from the business size, location, and demand, and have found that the average rate for garages and dealerships outside London is £72/hr.

The average price is only slightly higher for those operating within London districts at £78/hr.

How long does an aircon compressor replacement take?

Once again, we’ve worked out the averages from our records.

Looking at those averages, an aircon compressor replacement should take between 1 and 3 hours. For larger vehicles or those with more complicated and restricted access, the job can take longer than if access is straightforward, and can be carried out without any additional issue.

Take a look at the figures our reports delivered. They should provide a little inside information into the variation from vehicle to vehicle.

Car Make          Car ModelTypical Replacement Time
FordFiesta1.3 hours
Fiat5001.4 hours
VolkswagenGolf1.4 hours
MercedesC Class4.9 hours
AudiA41.1 hours
BMW5 Series1.6 hours
Land RoverRange Rover3.4 hours
VolkswagenTiguan0.9 hours
AudiQ51.2 hours

How do I know if I need a new aircon compressor?

Some of the typical symptoms of a faulty or broken compressor include:

  • Your air conditioning stops working.
  • There isn’t any cool air coming from your vents when you turn the AC on.
  • You may notice a less efficient fuel economy.
  • Ticking noises coming from your engine.
  • Patches of liquid around the air conditioning unit.

What are the most common causes of aircon compressor failure?

If your car aircon compressor is not working, it could be down to any one of the following reasons:

Leaking seals – The biggest causes of compressor failure is down to seals leaking and inadequate lubrication. Regular monitoring and servicing should help keep these issues at bay.

Dirty coils – Dust, grime and mineral build-up on the condenser coil prevents the aircon from expelling enough heat from its system, forcing it to run continuously. The increased pressure and temperature cause the compressor to overheat and burn out.

Blocked lines – If the aircon’s lines or hoses become clogged with sludge, then the whole system will cease to operate as it should. Continual running of the compressor under increased pressure and temperature will bring about overheating and failure.

Low refrigerant – Any leaks, cracks, or holes in your refrigerant lines will drain the fluid from your system, and your compressor will have to work harder to move what’s left around. The additional strain can often break the compressor.

Over-filling with refrigerant – Too much or the wrong type of refrigerant is deadly for compressors. Make sure the mechanic who services your car knows exactly what they’re doing.

Contaminants – Anything that infiltrates the refrigerant can affect its ability to perform as it should. Working under specific heat and pressure levels, any dirt, moisture, debris, or air can severely impact your compressor.

Can you fix an aircon compressor?

There are plenty of moving parts in your compressor that can fail and possibly be replaced or repaired. However, the cost of carrying out car aircon compressor repair is often greater than replacing the unit as a whole.

Can a car run without an aircon compressor?

You should be okay as long as you keep your air conditioning turned off—unless it’s unbearably hot, that is!

Some modern demisting systems rely on the AC to keep the air inside your car dry and automatically switch it on when you activate clearing your windscreen. This could lead to problems as it switches the AC pulley clutch on, driving the damaged system.

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