How much does it cost to replace a coil spring?

According to our research, a front coil spring replacement cost in the UK ranges between £170 and £280. A rear coil spring replacement cost varies from £134 to £210.

On average a front coil spring replacement cost works out at £225, and £180 for the rear coil springs.

Can I carry out a coil spring replacement myself?

Replacing coil springs can be a complex and challenging process, involving jacking up your car, removing the wheel and lower ball joint. Unless you have a great deal of mechanical knowledge and experience, it’s probably best to leave this job to the professionals.

What causes coil springs to break?

A sudden impact to the suspension, such as driving over a speed bump or large pothole, can result in coil spring damage or snapping. Heavier vehicles or cars carrying a heavy load will put more strain on the coil springs. This could lead to premature breakage or weakening overtime.

Winter weather can also have a significant impact on the number of coil springs that fail. This is down to damp conditions causing corrosion and cold temperatures making it easier for coils to snap. Many coil spring failures are not always noticed by the driver. Often you’ll hear a crack, but can’t locate the cause of the noise, and it is only when the car has its MOT that broken coil springs are found.

What additional factors could affect a coil spring replacement?

Usually, the cost of replacing a coil spring is down to the make and model of your car, who you choose to do the work and where in the country you’re based. There are a few other circumstances that could bump up the price of this repair.

For example, whilst replacing a broken coil spring the mechanic could discover that the other pair of coil springs are showing signs of damage or wear so will also need to be replaced. This will result in a higher repair cost for the additional parts and labour time.

During the repair the mechanic may also realise that other parts of the suspension system are worn or damaged so may need replacing. This is particularly true if there is damage as a result of a sudden impact or accident.

What are the costs of coil spring replacement parts?

Prices for a new coil spring vary for each car make and model. The average price of a coil spring from Eurocarparts is £109.

What are the labour rates for a coil spring replacement?

Coil spring repair labour cost can vary across the country according to the garage or dealership’s size, location, types of service they offer, and the local demand. We conducted research to work out the average hourly rate for a coil spring replacement, to keep things as simple as possible for our customers.

We found that for garages within the London area the average rate came out at £78 per hour. For the garages throughout the rest of the country, the price was a little lower, as you’d expect, at £72 per hour.

How long does a coil spring replacement take?

We found the average front coil spring replacement job can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, and on average take 2 hours. Rear coil springs tend to take between 1 to 1.5 hours.

Engines vary greatly between different car makes and models, therefore the time this replacement takes can vary a lot from car to car.

What are the signs of a faulty or broken coil spring?

Usually, there a few signs you can look for:

  • If your car is noticeably lower on one side or dipped in one corner.
  • You notice strange rattles and knocks when driving on uneven roads.
  • Your car’s steering is uneven, or veering off to one side.
  • Harsh bouncing when driving.

What happens during a coil spring replacement?

Our certified mechanics will:

  • Safely raise the car and inspect the suspension system and coil springs.
  • If necessary, they will replace the front or rear pair of coil springs.
  • Check other related components and advise whether they need to be replaced.
  • Lower the car and check the suspension again.
  • Finally they’ll test drive the car.

Can I drive with a broken coil spring?

No, it’s not recommended. Given that coil springs are essential for the handling, braking and general safety of the vehicle, as soon as you are aware that a coil spring has broken, it must be replaced. Coil springs are replaced in pairs usually, so both sides will be done at the same time.

What else could be the problem if my coil spring isn’t broken?

Your coil springs form part of your car’s suspension system, which is a fairly complex system comprising many different parts. Because of this, many issues related to the suspension have similar symptoms which make diagnosing the problem more difficult.

For example if there isn’t found to be an issue with your coil spring, there could be a fault with the ball joint or control arm instead as these have similar symptoms.

How can I carry out a coil spring replacement?

Replacing a coil spring requires a certain skill level and specific equipment, so if you don’t feel entirely confident working with cars, we’d recommend booking your car in with Fixter for this repair.

If you decide to do a coil spring replacement yourself, you’ll need to be able to safely jack up your car, have the skills required to remove the wheels and ball joint and ensure you have the correct coil springs for your car make and model.

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