Reaching new EV consumers with comedy

It seems actor Robert De Niro is joining the electric car movement. Auto maker Kia will debut its e-Niro crossover vehicle at the Paris Motor Show with De Niro as its ambassador. In an effort to bring comedy to the EV market, Kia makes the buying process more approachable. Starting with the Europe, the car promises to deliver a 382 mile city driving range per single charge. Non-city car owners should expect 301 miles before needing to plug-in. The e-Niro is Kia’s first fully electric crossover vehicle. With its impressive range and Oscar-winning spokesperson, there’s a lot riding on its initial success.

“As an ambassador of Kia’s new electric car, De Niro will highlight the e-Niro’s ability to eliminate barriers to electric vehicle ownership…” – Drive Mag

Kia’s warranty terms remain

To ease any first-time EV car ownership doubts, the Korean manufacturer’s 7-year, 100,000 mile warranty applies to the e-Niro. This coverage also extends to the car’s battery pack and electric motor. Additionally, the brand’s track record of 200,000 hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants of the e-Niro sold since 2016 prove Kia’s EV production experience. Not to mention, electric cars run on far less moving parts than petrol and diesel cars. The e-Niro’s relatively low-risk ownership means you can focus on upcoming journeys.

4.5 star experience

Referred to as “the people’s Tesla” by Auto Express, the e-Niro makes for a good real-world driving experience and could become a primary car for some. “…even at this early stage, it feels almost as impressive as the Kona. Kia says the e-Niro can manage 485km (301 miles) and that may be a tad optimistic, but after 60 miles, our car was still predicting that we had nearly 200 miles remaining. This EV feels like it wouldn’t need to be the second car in the family.” Has De Niro picked a winner? We’ll find out in late 2018 when the e-Niro goes on sale in Europe.