Everything you need to know about mobile car tyre fitting

A mechanic or car enthusiast will encourage you to check your tyres regularly and take as good care as possible of them, to extend their life and keep you safe.

In truth, as a typical driver, we probably don’t pay as close attention to them as we should, unless one of them is flat or has a nail hanging out of it.

The mechanics are right, of course, yet when an unexpected puncture or blowout hit us, what are our options?

You can switch the damaged tyre with the spare, drive to your chosen tyre specialist or garage to have it repaired or replaced—or you can get someone to come to where you are and take care of matters for you.

What is mobile tyre fitting?

The best answer? It’s convenient.

You could be at home or work, and you’ve found you’ve got a flat tyre that won’t stay inflated. Changing a wheel and a trip to the garage takes time. That impacts on your day. And let’s be honest, there’s probably something else you’d rather be doing.

Having a professional come to wherever you are, taking care of all the dirty work and heavy lifting, is far more convenient and appealing.

Same day mobile tyre fitting

Many of the mobile fitters will offer an emergency tyre fitting service—again, a great option that makes the least impact on your day. You could save more money than you think if it means you can still get to an important meeting or that you don’t have to pay for someone else to collect the kids from school.

When I found myself in such a fix, some times ago now, I was thrilled not only to find someone that carried out mobile tyre fitting near me but for less than some of the local garages. Their tyre fitting price was such a surprise; I decided they were going to get all my future custom.

Your mobile tyre fitting cost could be cheaper than a garage

Not all, but many of the tyre fitters working on a mobile basis, won’t have the overheads a garage or tyre specialist will. They can pass those savings on to the customer, making them not only extremely convenient but also highly competitive.

Which tyre does your car need?

Choosing the right tyre is your key consideration. Your tyre fitter will no doubt advise you on what’s available, and the ideal option for a car of its use and age should be.

Areas to consider should include:

  • Budget – How much do you want to pay?
  • Mileage – How much driving do you do on those tyres?
  • Usage – Is your tyre susceptible to high levels of wear?
  • Location – Are the roads where you do most of your driving in good or poor condition?
  • Weather – Are you looking for tyres to cope with wet and wintery weather or simple summer use?

What your tyre markings mean

When you replace your tyres, you’ll need to know which are the right ones for your vehicle. The simplest way is to check the markings on your current tyres.

Tyre size

A typical marking will look like this: 185/65×15 88H — but what does that mean?

Well, the width is 185mm.

The ratio or profile is 65. That’s the distance from the wheel rim to the tyre tread as a percentage of the tyre width. So for this tyre, the profile is 65% of the 185mm width.

The rim diameter is 15 inches. It seems odd to jump from metric measurements to imperial in the same system, but that’s just how it works.

The next number is the load rating. Ranging from 71 to 110, the load index chart will indicate the industry maximum load weight your tyre can carry. The 88 measure of our tyre dictates one that can carry up to 1235lbs or 560kg when inflated to the recommended tyre pressure.

Finally, the speed rating dictates the maximum speed a tyre can sustain at load capacity. The speed rating index shows our H rating can travel safely up to 130mph or 210km/h.

Other tyre wall markings

There are a host of other markings. They’ll include the manufacturer, a dot code for the date of manufacture, one to indicate the correct rotation direction, and the pattern type.

It might also show EU ratings: a scale of A to G (A is best, G is worst) refers to fuel efficiency and wet grip. The EU measure for noise levels is marked in decibels.

When should I get new tyres fitted?

Your tyres’ tread needs to be 1.6mm deep across the central three-quarters of the tyre.

Obvious visible signs of damage should also dictate that you replace them. There are many defects that can be repaired, so obtaining the advice of a mechanic will let you know which option makes the most sense.

Your tyres can last up to 10 years. That said, those that have been in use for 5 years or more are worth keeping a closer eye on—especially if you’re a high-mileage driver.

Looking after your tyres

Here are a few tips on tyre care. If you keep an eye on these elements, you can expect to receive the best performance from your tyres and a healthy long life.

  • Check tyre pressures regularly – Under-inflated tyres risk higher wear and tear and also offer poor performance under braking and accelerating.
  • Keep your wheels balanced – Wheel balancing prevents vibrations at speed, which causes poor performance and excessive tyre wear.
  • Check your wheel alignment – Mounting kerbs or bumping into objects can damage tyres and knock your wheels out of line. Again, this will lead to faster wear and poor performance.
  • Avoid driving over potholes – Steering clear of potholes and other objects in the road will protect your tyres and wheels from unnecessary damage.
  • Drive smoothly and avoid emergency braking – Harsh acceleration and braking will add to tyre wear, as will travelling too fast around corners and bends in the road.
  • Lighten the load – Empty any heavy items in the boot of your car to lessen the load. Less weight means less wear.

How do I find mobile tyre fitting near me?

Given that Fixter mechanics come and collect your car whatever attention it needs, of course, we’d suggest that your best option is to let us take care of everything for you. We can quickly source a mobile tyre fitter to come and take care of your car, and more often than not, saving you money compared to the competition.

I wouldn’t consider anyone else when searching for a service, an MOT or repairs—for car tyre fitting near me—or anything else.

If you’re looking for cheap mobile tyre fitting, you’ll be glad you picked Fixter to take the hassle out of the process and to save you money.

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