Millions of cars produced

When thinking of “British-built” cars, Nissan is a surprising contender to top The Sunday Times Motor Awards. However, with its Sunderland plant, the Japanese automaker produces 500,000 cars per year. Since its debut, more than 3 million Nissan Qashqai’s were built and assembled in the UK. This high volume results in an annual economical boost of over £3 billion. Additional factors for consideration include the car’s unique styling, providing a balance for cost-conscious families.

“The Qashqai may not be the funkiest family SUV on offer, or the most dynamic, or the coolest, but it’s as good a balance as you can get for a family SUV, a car which drives like a hatch and offers families everything they need.” – Cars UK

Shortlisted Nissan models

In addition to the Qashqui, other Nissan models were considered for The Sunday Times Motor Awards, including the Leaf (Commuter Car of the Year & Green Car of the Year), xStorage (Car Tech of the Year), and X-Trail (Dog-friendly Car of the Year). Competing against finalists, like the Volkswagen Golf GTE (Commuter Car of the Year), Jaguar I-Pace (Green Car of the Year), BMW Wireless Charging Mat (Car Tech of the Year), and Land Rover Discovery (Dog-friendly Car of the Year), Nissan’s offerings strongly resonate with British consumers.

Servicing & reliability

With a near 4-star reliability rating from Auto Express, the Qashqai is a fairly dependable family auto. Ranking in the top third of surveyed cars, there’s very little to worry about except normal wear and tear. “With good ratings for the exterior style and build quality, together with decent scores for infotainment, practicality and running costs, Qashqai owners seem to be a happy lot.” – Auto Express Make the most of your Nissan car with regular maintenance, servicing, and MOT tests from Fixter. We handle the entire pick-up / drop-off process, and work around times which best suit you. Request a quote below.

About Fixter

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