What does the P0141 OBD-II code mean? 

The P0141 code is a generic OBD-II code indicating a malfunction with the O2 bank 1 sensor 2 heater circuit. This is the sensor behind the catalyst on bank 1 of the engine. On startup, the engine control module (ECM) tests the O2 sensor heater circuit, and if a malfunction is detected, the P0141 trouble code is triggered. 

How serious is the P0141 code?

The diagnostic code P0141 is considered a moderately serious trouble code, and any extended driving may cause internal engine damage. Whilst it is, therefore, possible to continue driving a vehicle showing a P0141 trouble code, it’s preferable to get the car diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible to avoid expensive additional costs. 

What are the common symptoms of a P0141 trouble code?

The most commonly experienced symptoms when a P0141 OBD-II code is triggered are:

  • Check engine light illuminates 
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • The engine may run rough
  • Misfires (rare)

What are the causes of a P0141 diagnostic code?

The most common causes for the P0141 trouble code triggering are:

  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Defective wiring/connections around oxygen sensor
  • Open ground or short in the wiring
  • Excessive current draw from the oxygen sensor

How to diagnose a P0141 OBD-II code?

The quickest way to diagnose a fault code is to use an OBD-II scanner or book a diagnostic check with a trusted garage or mechanic. Following the diagnostic steps fully and correctly is essential for accurate diagnosis:

  • Scan your system for other OBD-II codes. If present, these must be resolved first.
  • Clear the fault codes, then follow this with a test drive of the car while reading the live data on an OBD-II scanner.
  • Monitor the O2 sensor data to check heater circuit is operational for bank 1 sensor 2
  • Visually check the electrical connections and wiring around the oxygen sensor and wiring harness for damage or corrosion.
  • Check the power to the O2 sensor heater circuit
  • Check for a blown fuse to the heater circuit
  • Check the O2 sensor heater circuit for the proper resistance 

How to fix a P0141 OBD-II fault code?

After each check/work is performed, it’s recommended to test drive the vehicle to see if the OBD-II code clears. If the fault code returns, move on to the next repair. The most common repairs (in no particular order) to resolve a P0141 are below:

  • Confirm the code using an OBD-II scanner, and then reset the trouble code. You should then test drive the car to see if the code returns. If it does return:
  • Clean away any corrosion found on the engine ground 
  • Clean the oxygen sensor, removing any dirt and corrosion around the connections
  • Repair or replace wiring or connection to the O2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 2
  • Replace the fuse to the heater circuit for the O2 sensor heater circuit
  • Replace a faulty O2 sensor for bank 1 sensor 2

How to avoid a P0141 code?

Whilst the P0141 diagnostic trouble code can be caused by component failure, it’s also possible that corrosion on grounds and wires can be the source of the issue. Corrosion is preventable, so visually checking for problems with wiring and connectors and using rust-preventing compounds ensures your vehicle remains in good running order. It’s also generally advisable to