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Car battery replacement

Lifespan Although a car battery can last for at least five years (when properly cared for), it will usually become worn and inefficient within three years. This reduced lifespan is due to external factors like cold, wet weather - a …
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Volkswagen incubator welcomes six auto start-ups

Inaugural international start-up programme German automaker Volkswagen selected start-ups at pitch competitions in Tel Aviv, Prague, London, Riga, and Hanover dealing with car-pooling, petrol payment, blockchain vehicle history, route optimisation, e-vehicle charging station booking, and road surface quality. Named the …

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Dyson electric car UK test track

Dyson shows commitment to EV market To compete with Elon Musk’s Tesla, Dyson plans to raise its investment in electric cars to £200m. Furthermore, the British inventor, James Dyson, wants to build testing facilities in a former Wilshire World War …

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Top electric cars in 2018

Current barriers Ahead of the proposed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel cars, Auto Trader conducted research on purchasing electric cars in the UK. Although the government wants 50% of all cars to be electric by 2030, drivers remain skeptical …
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