If the red battery light on your car’s dashboard starts blinking, then take it as a sign that your battery or charging system is not functioning properly.

The battery warning light is in the shape of a battery symbol, usually with a plus and minus sign. There are a few reasons why the battery warning light might come on, from a loose or corroded battery cable to a faulty alternator, we’ll explore the possible causes and fixes below.

Why Is My Car Battery Warning Light On?

The car battery warning light indicates there is a problem with the vehicle’s battery and/or charging system. Your car battery could be low on charge, or there could be another issue with a different component. If the light comes on when you turn on the ignition or appears while you are driving, you need to investigate further. If you’re worried about flashing warning lights on your dash, it’s usually a good idea to book a diagnostic check. One of our trusted mechanics will help you get to the root of the problem.

What is the Car Battery Warning Light?

A battery warning light is one of the several car safety management indicators on your dashboard. That red battery light on the dash is specially designed for issuing immediate warning signs to the driver, if and when something goes wrong with the car battery or a part that’s directly linked to it.

What Does it Mean When the Car Battery Warning Light is Flashing?

If you see the orange or red battery light on, it means that you should stop your car as soon as it is safe to do so and check your car’s battery. However, if the car battery warning light comes on while you are on the road, do not stop the car right away.

Battery issues may make it difficult to get a car started again, so keep driving at a moderate speed until you reach the nearest service centre or repair garage. If the engine has stalled and you can’t restart it, call an auto recovery service. 

How Does the Car Battery Warning Light Work?

The car battery light on the dashboard should look quite similar to the battery icon on your smartphone or laptop. The shape and size may vary a bit depending on model and make, but all car battery warning light indicators should have a + and a sign enclosed within a (somewhat) rectangular battery shape.

When you notice the orange battery light on intermittently, it means that the problem is not yet severe, but your car still needs professional attention at the earliest to prevent the concern from escalating. However, if you see the red battery light staying on or f