The diesel particulate filter light will show up on your dashboard when your car is at risk of going into limp mode due to soot from the exhaust reaching high levels. Modern diesel car engines include a particulate filter in the exhaust to combat emissions. It is designed to catch bigger soot particles that come from the exhaust.

Why is My Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light On?

Like all filters, the diesel particulate filter can clog up. This can eventually restrict the airflow and reduce your car’s performance. As a result of this, manufacturers have also come up with several ways to regenerate the filter by raising the exhaust temperature to burn the soot and turn it into ash. When this system is not working, the diesel particulate filter warning light will turn on.

What is the Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light?

As you drive, the computer in the car will constantly monitor the soot levels inside the filter to determine when the process of active generation is necessary. This occurs when the car doesn’t frequently reach high enough speeds for the exhaust to be hot enough to burn the soot. Instead, it burns extra fuel to raise the temperature at a lower speed, which will achieve the desired result. When you see the warning light, you should take the car to a higher-speed road and drive it for around ten minutes at a speed over forty MPH to get the temperature levels in the exhaust high enough to regenerate the filter.

What Does it Mean When the Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light is Flashing?

Some diesel cars show a flashing light. Most of the time this will mean the same thing as a stationary light. You will need to regenerate the diesel particulate filter by driving for around ten to fifteen minutes at a certain level of revs, which burns off the particulate that has accumulated. Refer to your owner’s manual to find out more about how long you should drive your car, and the engine revs you should maintain to achieve this. The light should stop flashing and be switched off once regeneration has been successful.

How Does the Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Light Work?

This warning light is in place to let drivers know that their diesel car needs to be driven at a high