Fuel climbs to four-year high – improve fuel efficiency

Since April, the cost of filling a normal 55 litre passenger car (diesel and petrol) increased by about £5.50, says the Daily Express. Average costs for petrol this weekend will reach £1.29 for petrol and £1.33 for diesel. Routine maintenance can improve fuel efficiency by 10%. Make sure to have your oil changed, and spark plugs and air filter replaced, if it’s been a while. Fixter can handle the entire process for you with our full, major, and interim services.

Bank holiday – by the numbers

This August bank holiday weekend will see the highest number of travellers ever recorded, as reported by the Telegraph. Below you can find many people are expected to escape and move throughout the UK for one last go this summer.


  • Manchester – 111,400
  • Luton – 65,000
  • Birmingham – 42,428
  • Liverpool John Lennon – no numbers provided, but anticipates this weekend to be busiest of the year

    Planned strikes

    Making matters worse, members of the GMB labour union are currently on strike through 7AM Saturday, affecting Liverpool airport. Additional strikes by RMT members means decreased service to Liverpool rail station and throughout the Northern Rail Network. Travelling outside of 9AM and 6PM is a gamble. Best stick with a daytime journey during the RMT strike. Read more about additional station closures, including London, Euston, here.

    Those planning journeys via Liverpool airport should check with their airline regarding delays. As of now, Easyjet anticipates no cancellations. “easyJet plans to operate its full flying schedule despite proposed industrial action by the GMB Union (who cover the fire service and Airport Control and Operations) at Liverpool John Lennon Airport…” (Daily Express).

    Weather delays

    With 14 million cars hitting the road between Thursday and Sunday, and inclement weather reported, expect heavy traffic on most major motorways. If you can avoid travelling on Sunday, you’ll miss most of the major traffic delays. Simon Partridge, meteorologist at the Met Office shares a bleak forecast with the Guardian. “In places we are quite likely to see some standing water on the roads which will add to the difficult driving conditions on Sunday,” he said. “Some areas could see winds of between 30mph to 40mph, so a wet and windy day.” Short 20 minute journeys could take more than 1 hour.

    Image credit – Daily Express / Getty Images

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