The UK Car of the Year (COTY) Awards panel awarded the Volkswagen Polo hatchback “Best Supermini of 2019.” With this category win, the car is automatically nominated for the overall “UK Car of the Year” title. In addition to impressing the UK Car of the Year Awards committee, the Volkswagen Polo recently received “Small Car of the Year 2019” from What Car? Knocking the previously selected Seat Ibiza from its position, What Car? chose the Polo due to its lower price point. In comparing the Polo to the Audi A1, What Car? claims there’s not much difference between the two (except A1 costs more).

“Meanwhile, the Audi A1 is a fine all-rounder, but it doesn’t really do anything better than the Polo, despite carrying a hefty price premium.”

Volkswagen Polo well-received

Mirroring What Car?’s praise, industry experts like UK Car of the Year Awards judge, Paul Hudson (The Telegraph), speak highly of the Polo. Hudson says the car is “…the best all-rounder in the segment.” Other COTY judges include Tom Ford (Top Gear, Sunday Times), Nat Barnes (The Express), and Richard Bremner (What Car?, The Daily Telegraph). Aside from COTY and What Car?, writer and editor, Guy Bird (Auto Express, Car Design News), applauds the Polo.

“…a supermini that’s been hard to fault for nearly 40 years. The latest model continues the fine tradition of small car quality that generations of owners certainly appreciate and quietly love.”

When purchasing a new car, the Volkswagen Polo is worth considering. It seems you can’t go wrong.

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