In 2019, new rules were introduced stating that all new electric cars should be fitted with an audible warning system to aid safety. Since electric cars are much quieter than standard petrol and diesel cars, if not silent, they can pose a risk to pedestrians when traveling at low speeds. Along with a sound that pedestrians can hear when the car is being driven, some electric vehicles also have a pedestrian alert warning light that illuminates on the dashboard when pedestrians are nearby. 

Why is My Pedestrian Alert Warning Light On?

A pedestrian detection system is there to let drivers know when there are people close to the car. It uses advanced computer systems placed around the car to let the driver know when there are pedestrians or other moving road users like cyclists that might be close to or in the vehicle’s intended path. Some electric vehicles will show this light accompanied by a sound while others can automatically apply the brakes to the car if there is a risk of a collision. 

What is the Pedestrian Alert Warning Light?

A pedestrian alert warning light is a part of a high-tech pedestrian detection system. It uses cameras around the vehicle alongside sensors that detect human movement to distinguish between people and other stationary objects on the road. At night, it uses infrared technology to help the car’s computers safely detect pedestrians. 

What Does it Mean When the Pedestrian Alert Warning Light is Flashing?

Some cars may show a flashing pedestrian alert warning light as standard, while on others, it will be a stable light until the pedestrian is no longer in the range of the cameras and sensors. Refer to your car owner’s manual to find out more about whether the light should flash or be static in your particular vehicle. In some cars, the pedestrian alert warning light might be static at first, but start to flash if the danger increases, for example, if there is a pedestrian right in front of the car that is at risk of being hit if you do not slow down or stop immediately. 

How Does the Pedestrian Alert Warning Light Work?

If your electric vehicle has a pedestrian alert warning system, then you should check the owner’s manual to find out more about how it works since each make and model of car will have a version that works slightly differently from others. The main aim of this system is to alert the driver wherever there is a pedestrian or cyclist close to the car. For example, the light may turn on and noise may sound if you are driving and a pedestrian begins to cross the road in front of you. 

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