Most drivers are familiar with the common warning lights that show on the dashboard. However, with more people now switching to hybrid and electric cars, you might notice symbols illuminating on the dashboard that you don’t recognize. One of these is the ready-to-drive warning light. What does this light mean, and what do you need to do about it? Read on to find out more.

Why is My Ready to Drive Warning Light On?

Since there is no engine under the bonnet in an electric vehicle, there’s no audible sign of when they are switched on and ready to be driven. Instead of listening out for the engine revs as you would in a standard petrol or diesel car, a light illuminates on the dashboard to let you know.

What is the Ready to Drive Warning Light?

The ready-to-drive light is not really a warning light. It is a light featured on the dashboard of electric cars to let the driver know when it is safe to start driving and the car is switched on. Some manufacturers use a symbol, which is usually shown in green and features a car with a double-sided arrow underneath. But to avoid confusion, some manufacturers have done away with the symbol altogether and simply show ‘Ready’ or ‘Go’ on the dashboard.

What Does it Mean When the Ready to Drive Warning Light is Flashing?

The ready-to-drive light should be a steady light on the dashboard in the majority of electric or hybrid cars. However, if you notice that the light is flashing, this could be an indication of an error code or an electrical glitch. It can sometimes happen after a battery or battery cable has been replaced. You may not be able to drive the car in this case. A flashing ready-to-drive light should be checked by a professional electric vehicle mechanic who can complete a warning light inspection and determine if the code causing the alert simply needs to be cleared, or if a repair is needed.

How Does the Ready to Drive Warning Light Work?

The ready-to-drive light switches on when the electric car is turned on and ready to drive away. When you get in your electric vehicle and switch it on, there is no audible engine noise to let you know that it is ready to start driving. This light shows up on the dashboard to let the driver know that the car is running and can be driven.

What are the Common Reasons the Ready to Drive Warning Light Will Come On?

The ready-to-drive light comes on when your electric car has been started and is ready to drive. If the light does not turn on when you start t