Based on yourparkingspace‘s driveway and other private parking space owners’ earnings of over £15million in 2018, you could be missing out on at least £325. With 45,000+ registered listings, the online marketplace turns empty spaces into cash. Although London, with its pricey parking rates, generated the most revenue, users in other cities experienced high activity. Covered in our parking article, some Greater London boroughs charge as much as £9.50+ per hour. The top 10 markets for yourparkingspace for 2018 were Manchester, York, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Reading, Liverpool and Oxford.

Harrison Woods, managing director at yourparkingspace, comments on the platform’s increased interest. “In a time of economic uncertainty, it would appear that more-and-more Brits are realising they can make a tidy sum from renting out their driveway to needy motorists looking for somewhere to park.”

Locations with high driveway demand

Living adjacent to an airport proves useful when letting your space to travellers. One cited example is how savvy drivers parked in the town of Crawley, near London Gatwick. yourparkingspace opens new parking opportunities, creating a competitive marketplace against private car parks. They’ve even announced that they now work with nationwide brands like Q-park. Other popular locations include spaces in and near city centres, railway stations, and sports and music venues.

Hassle free experience

yourparkingspace’s online platform makes the process easy for both parking space owners and drivers. Once booking, your space is guaranteed and protected. Read on about their booking guarantee, here. If you can’t find the space you’re looking for, we recommend browsing other apps and services like like JustPark, Parkopedia, Parklet, Parkonmydrive, and Stashbee.

There’s a lot of choices in the realm of parking spaces. No longer should driving into town drain your wallet. Ultimately, we hope companies like yourparkingspace create better pricing strategies all around. As we called out in our article, we think it’s time for new parking reform.

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