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How do my brakes work?

Your brakes are clearly your car’s most important safety feature. Modern drum and disc-based systems are complex, but efficient and reliable. The latter comprise a brake disc, calliper and pads or shoes – these have a lining to enhance friction. On braking, brake fluid enters the caliper, squeezing the pads against the disc to stop the car.

Brake discs

Brake discs are heavy-duty pieces of kit made from metal and, cared for properly, should last for years, typically up to 70,000 miles. Most of the pressure falls on the front discs, and the back discs incorporate the handbrake – otherwise there’s little difference between the two. Discs last longer if you avoid excessive speeds, don’t carry unnecessary weight and change your brake fluid regularly. However, they’re not invincible and will eventually need replacing.

Signs of worn discs

If you hear a high-pitched or grinding sound, or unusual vibrations, your discs are probably worn. Other warning signs include braking feeling too soft, the car taking longer to stop, and listing to one side.

How can I check?

Check visually by looking at your brake discs through the wheel spokes. Look for the shiny exterior on the disc facing you, and check for grooves, scoring or rough spots, which normally suggest the brake disc is below its minimum recommended thickness. Also look for uneven wear resulting from metal on metal contact with worn pads. There may also be radial cracks, caused by overheating, or raised outer edges. A micrometer test more accurately assesses whether the thickness of the disc is safe. Pads

If you’re changing a brake disc, we’d recommend changing both front and rear ones, and getting new pads at the same time. Otherwise new discs wear unevenly, and the resulting damage could be serious and cost your car its MOT. (Braking systems, incidentally, are behind many MOT failures.)

Pads are flat parts with a metal backing. They’re key to any braking system and protect more expensive components like discs and rotors. New ones will enhance braking performance without being hugely expensive.

Don’t take any chances - worn braking parts lead to increased stopping distances, diminished braking ability, and heightened risks of an accident. Check your braking system regularly as part of preventative maintenance. You can’t replace safely brake pads or discs yourself without detailed mechanical knowledge, so get a professional job done.

How we can help

Fixter's mechanics are qualified to get this done properly. One of our approved partner garages will assess your brake pads and disks thoroughly, probably as part of your MOT or servicing. We offer door-to-door collection, a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour, and transparent, affordable fees. Pop in your registration details to receive a quote for our competitively priced brake pads and discs replacement service.

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