If your car fails its MOT (do not worry, it happens to the best of us!), one of our in house mechanic will call you straight away to explain why. They will know exactly what work needs to be done for your car to pass, and will have already negotiated the best possible price on your behalf.

You will be asked to confirm or decline on the works.

Only when you give them the thumbs up will the work be carried out.

If you decide to go ahead with the works then it is likely our Fixter Hero will not be able return the car at the requested time if you have booked an early drop off slot i.e.: 2:00pm. In this case one of our in-house mechanic will explain what needs to be done and how long will it take i.e.: the garage has to fit/ order a part.

If you decline on the works the vehicle can be dropped off to your address if it has failed on a major defect.

Please be advised if it has a dangerous defect then the vehicle cannot be driven until the fault has been repaired hence the Fixter Hero will not be able to deliver it back.

It will need to be collected by Greenflag/ AA/ etc. or similar recovery service.

If your vehicle fails on dangerous defect and you get stopped by the police you can be fined £2500, be banned from driving and get points on your licence. This is because your vehicle is automatically recorded as no longer road legal on the UK’s digital vehicle database, so the authorities will know about its condition.

Even if you decide to get the repairs carried out elsewhere you will have 10 business days to drive the car back to the MOT service point for a free retest.

Please note you will need to liaise with the garage directly. We advise to book your appointment with the garage as soon as possible. Even if you do not have a valid MOT, the vehicle can be driven to a service point. It is illegal to drive with an invalid MOT to anywhere but the service point. Please have a confirmation of your booking with you (e.g.: text message or email confirmation) to prove you are on your way to a service point.

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