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How much does water pump replacement costs?

The cost of a water pump replacement depends on your car brand, model and engine. Also, depending on your location, the price of a water pump replacement on your vehicle can vary.

Vehicle Dealer price (average) Saving

BMW 114i Sport

1.6 litres

£303.45 £262.50 13%

Audi A1 Sport Tdi

1.6 litres

£300.56 £260.00 13%

Citroen Berlingo First 600

1.6 litres

£329.73 £272.50 17%

Dacia Sandero Laureate Tce

0.9 litres

£324.75 £267.50 18%

DS Ds3

1.2 litres

£311.10 £267.50 14%

Fiat 500 Lounge Turbo

0.9 litres

£317.73 £255.00 20%

Ford C Max Titanium

1.5 litres

£326.97 £270.00 17%

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What does a water pump do?

Your car’s water pump is responsible for circulating the engine coolant around the cooling system. It is located in the engine bay and is usually powered from the engine drive belt.

How often should a water pump need replacing?

Due to the importance of their operation, water pumps are often replaced before they fail. It is recommended that a water pump be replaced between 60k and 90k miles of operation. It is also advisable that the timing belt, idler pulleys, and tensioner be replaced at the same time.

The law, vehicle regulations and your MOT

An obviously leaking water pump will fail an MOT. A very slight drip or suspected leak may cause an advisory measure, which given the impact a leaking water pump can have on the engine, it should be checked and replaced straight away.

What happens when we replace your water pump?

What causes a water pump to stop working correctly?

A water pump and its components can wear out over time. This may result in leaking or a reduced pumping capacity. It is imperative that your **water pump **operates correctly, as failure to pump coolant through your engine can cause engine overheating and irreparable damage to your engine.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning water pump

Fluid underneath the engine

If there are patches or puddles of fluid on the floor beneath your engine, it could be a leaking water pump.

Fluid in the engine bay

If you spot fluid leaking around the water pump in the engine bay, then your water pump may be damaged.

The car won’t start

If your car doesn’t start, it could be due to** failed water pump **operation.

The engine temperature is high

If the temperature gauge reads higher than normal or your engine is overheating, it could be caused by a malfunctioning water pump.

The engine temperature warning light is illuminated

Any dashboard warning light is an indicator that a sensor has detected an incorrect operation. An engine temperature warning could be related to your water pump.

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