Stay focused while driving

Following SEAT’s Amazon Alexa announcement at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Spanish carmaker is rolling out its integration of the voice activated assistant in the UK. The Amazon Alexa feature will be available in 2019 Leon and Ateca models with built in sat nav through SEAT’s Android App – sorry iOS users. With over 45,000 skills, almost anything is accessible with the sound of the driver’s voice. This level of control means features like music, navigation, agenda reminders, and personalised news are managed and delivered through the car’s audio. Above all, there’s no more fumbling around with buttons to find what matters most.

Hello, Amazon Alexa

Although more widespread in the United States, Amazon Alexa is growing across Europe. The voice activated, cloud-based resource is constantly acquiring new skills. In fact, someone recently taught Alexa to understand human sign language via a computer webcam. In smart homes, its known for turning on and off lights, changing the temperature, and creating smart shopping lists. Bringing these features to the automotive setting means more possibilities for Amazon Alexa. The most common hardware is the Amazon Echo. With SEAT and other partners, Amazon is taking the service to other platforms. The potentials of the cloud are literally boundless.

SEAT’s growing reliability

The 2018 JD Power UK Vehicle Reliability Study, prominently featuring emerging technologies, ranked SEAT in the top 6 UK car brands. It moved up 3 positions from 2017. Partnerships like Amazon Alexa show its commitment to remain at the forefront of rapid changes in the automotive industry. SEAT is backed by the Volkswagen group and operates a 1,000 engineer staffed knowledge hub. Its goal is to keep pushing how digitalisation impacts the overall driving experience. We’re excited to see further developments from this unique car brand which has a presence in over 80 countries across all five continents.