Red is most severe

Whether you know it or not, car warning lights generally show as five colours, red, amber, blue, white, or green – with red as the most critical. Although most warning symbols appear straightforward, a majority of symbols confuse drivers. According to the Daily Express, nearly 60% of drivers admitted difficulty in deciphering car warning lights. Regardless of how well you’ve memorised your car’s manual, it’s always best to have an expert opinion. Involving an external party is never a bad idea when purchasing a used auto, especially if a recurring red warning light appears.

Common car warning lights

Regardless of which car you’re driving, RAC compiled a list of the most common warning lights to spot. Universal symbols exist for brake system / fluid, engine, airbag, power steering, diesel particulate filter, coolant, oil, tyre pressure, and battery issues. If any of these lights appear, it’s important to resolve them as soon as possible. Bigger problems could arise if left unaddressed.

Fixter diagnostic inspection

Controlled by an on-board computer or Engine Control Unit (ECU), most modern cars come equipped with sensors, automatically triggering warning lights. Providing immediate access to information, the ECU helps drivers know of problems as soon as they occur. Since most car engines are comprised of hundreds of parts, it’s best if a certified mechanic performs a diagnostic inspection. This evaluation will pinpoint the exact issue or issues with your car.

Luckily, Fixter’s top-rated garage partners come equipped with the latest tools and resources to provide an accurate assessment. During the diagnostic inspection service, our servicing centres will also point out any problems which may cause an MOT failure. If you’re seeing warning lights, click below to book a diagnostic inspection.

Garage network

When receiving a car battery replacement with Fixter, your car is in good hands. Our garage network comprises over 35 years of experience and services thousands of cars per month. We work with top networks, including Bosch Car Care, Autofirst, Auto Care, Unipart Car Care, RAC, AA, and Trust My Garage. Our garages receive training from Group Auto, Bosch, and Autofirst, among others to maintain compliance and stay up to date on industry and technological changes. All our garages meet the UK’s MOT standards, and thoroughly tests each car. Additionally, you can count on Fixter to perform regular maintenance check-ups with our full, major, and interim services. Each offering is tailor-made based on the needs of your particular car.