Affecting 2005-2014 models

Following the Vauxhall Zafira 2015 recall of 235,000 cars built between 2005-2014, the plagued manufacturer recently found 47,000 additional at risk autos. Although most of the originally identified cars were fixed, about 32,000 are awaiting repair. The issue in question pertains to the Zafira heating system – causing over 160 cars to catch fire. Since later generation Zafira “B” cars come equipped with electronic climate control, Vauxhall didn’t consider these models as risky. However, regardless of technology, it’s clear there’s an overall problem with all 2005-2015 Zafira cars.

Vauxhall DVSA criminal investigations

According to Auto Express, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cites Vauxhall for its delayed response, among other issues. “MPs previously said the manufacturer showed “reckless disregard for safety” by being too slow to react to the number of vehicles catching fire. More than 230,000 Zafira model Bs were sold between 2005 and 2014 that were at risk of catching fire. The first fire was reported in 2009, with a further 161 incidents reportedly taking place since.” There’s an overall sense that Vauxhall hasn’t handled the recall situation responsibly, while placing blame on external parties – like independent garages.

Be alert when buying a used Zafira

Since almost 80,000 hazardous Zafiras still exist around the UK, make sure to ask for the complete history when purchasing a 2005-2014 used Vauxhall. On the flip side, due to the criminal investigations and public interest, the British car brand wants to quickly rectify the situation. With nearly 184,000 repairs since the recall, and many discussions underway, finding long-term solutions are top of mind. After all, Vauxhall surely doesn’t want to face anymore £500,000 lawsuits for putting passengers in danger – The Sun.

When in doubt contact Vauxhall directly

If you’re uncertain about the roadworthiness of the Zafira you’re driving, it’s best to speak with the manufacturer. They will notify you of any immediate servicing related to the recall. Also, non-vetted independent garages and used car dealers don’t always provide accurate data. For regular car maintenance and repairs it’s always best to work with verified servicing centres – like Fixter’s garage partners. While we advise you to work directly with Vauxhall on the recall issue, we’re here for everything else along the way. Our door-to-door service takes the guesswork out of dealing with garages. In need of a diagnostic inspection or MOT test? Click on below.