Avoid the dealership altogether

Building and pricing cars online isn’t necessarily innovative. However, Dacia makes the process quicker and easier for customers. Through arecently launched online portal, only four steps stand between you and a new Dacia. After selecting financing options, including total budget, the site presents possible models, service plans, and warranty choices. All cars come with a standard 3 year – 60,000 mile coverage. Lastly, picking the most convenient pick up or delivery option closes the transaction – all from the comfort of home. If you pick home delivery, a new Dacia arrives in around 2 weeks. The choice is yours.

The site “…handles every step of the sales process, including finance and part exchanges. Cars can even be delivered to a buyers’ home, rather than them having to visit a dealer.” – Motoring Research

Dacia Buy Online – backed by data

Utilising extensive research, Dacia developed an intuitive online dealership. Throughout the process, the Renault subsidiary applied unique findings and insight to its approach. Dacia found Brits value reliability (60 percent), value (58 percent), and quality (55 percent) when searching for a car. While aiming to deliver all three to customer, the car brand remains conscious of customer service and convenience. Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia UK, speaks to an efficient customer experience. “Times really are changing and our research shows that consumers are prepared to click and buy whenever and wherever is most convenient for them, regardless of time of day or location, due to the time pressures of everyday life”.

Maintaining your investment

When purchasing a new Dacia, extending the warranty to 6 years – 60,000 miles provides additional coverage. Although this provides peace of mind, it’s not a complete solution. Throughout the lifetime of any car, it’s best to conduct routine maintenance. In addition to improving reliability, such care maximises driver and passenger safety. With Fixter’s door-to-door approach, car servicing is extremely simple. Similar to Dacia’s online portal, choosing pick up and drop off time and date is quick and simple. Whether you need an interim, full, or major service or MOT test, Fixter’s prices and process remain competitive and easy. Regardless of make and model, we’re equipped for most cars. Click below for a quote.