Car service and MOT customers see the incredible value in our physical contact free service

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed much of the nation out of their comfort zones. The world hasn’t seen a situation quite like this in our lifetime, and it has delivered surprise reactions on both sides of the fence.

Most of the nation appears to be following the guidelines to help manage the situation wherever they can. Self-isolating, social distancing — these are phrases that most of us hadn’t heard of only a matter of weeks ago; yet today they’re all we’re talking about. Right now, they’re as commonplace as if they’d been part of the conversation for decades.

Troubling times brings heroes to the fore

While, sadly, we’ve all seen a great deal of irresponsible behaviour, due to the state of quiet panic infiltrating much of society, there are those who turn into heroes during times of crisis.

For as many disheartening news items reporting stockpiling, panic buying, and even fights breaking out over something as unbelievable as toilet paper, there are those who stand tall and make us proud to be human.

Helping out in times of need

Fetching shopping, filling prescriptions, walking dogs and organising entertainment for those on their own—the most vulnerable and high-risk. These are the people to be the most proud of. The healthcare staff, the doctors, nurses and all the NHS workers holding the health of the country in their hands. The delivery drivers. The teachers. Our social support systems. The supermarket staff working around the clock to try and keep up with the hysteria.

These are our today heroes.

Yet, we can all play our part to help, as long as we think before we act and show genuine consideration for others. That way, we can all come out of the other side in the best possible place, and hopefully, learning something very valuable from the experience.

What else can we do to keep things rolling in the right direction?

Businesses are instigating staff working from home wherever they can, and many more are self-isolating due to carrying the virus themselves, or protecting themselves from it, a large part of the nation is housebound.

With so many people having so much downtime, utilising that time for something useful would be a very sensible place to start.

Make hay while the sun shines (or doesn’t, in this case)

So, where am I heading with this?

Fixter has seen how many of you out there have seized the day, grabbed the bull by the horns and are turning a crisis into an opportunity.

We have had our busiest week EVER, and it’s all down to the pandemic.

Our founder and CEO, Limvirak Chea announced this week,

“We have seen a huge increase in demand for our service in the COVID-19 crisis, as customers want to minimise contact or even leave their house. It is also becoming clear that customers see their private car as a key part of their armoury, to protect themselves and their family in the crisis, so they have been getting them serviced and prepared for what might lie ahead.

“To respond to the COVID-19 emergency, Fixter has introduced a sanitising cleanse to cars before returning them to customers, and our appointed freelance Fixter drivers follow all the hand washing and gel protocols and maintain safe distances when dealing with customers to avoid physical contact. This includes customers no longer having to sign for collection so they don’t need to touch the screen.

“We have also implemented new ways of working, with our entire head office team now working from home following the government guidelines. Using the latest digital networking technology, we are now fully operational again.”

Contact-free car maintenance

Fixter has a handful of superb USPs. In this instance, the way our service operates by allowing our customers to have their repairs made, maintenance undertaken, annual or mid-term services carried out, as well as MOTs and upgrades, without ever leaving the house.

Our team sends a driver to you, who collects your car and returns it when the work is complete.

The timesaving benefits and rewards of a complete collection and delivery service are fabulous ordinarily, but during a time of isolation and social distancing, they’re even more beneficial.

The demand for our service over the previous few days has shown that the drivers of the country are boxing clever, taking full advantage of the situation to safeguard one of their most valuable assets.

Our cars are now seen as a safe haven from the spread of the virus

With public gatherings and social get-togethers being advised against, and public transport being an obvious area where the virus can easily spread, we’re seeing our cars as a safe space and another way to provide protection for our families and ourselves.

Our increased bookings show the public are taking sensible precautions for what might or might not be lying ahead of us.

Fixter – the safest system for your car maintenance

All of our collection drivers have been fully briefed on the latest protocols we’ve implemented to protect our customers.

We now enforce thorough sanitation of all vehicles at collection and before drop off. Our attentive drivers will sanitise steering wheels, gear knobs, door handles and more before handing your keys over (or more realistically, dropping them through your letterbox!). They’ll also, always, retain the correct space between themselves and our customers to conform to the social distancing recommendations made by the government and the NHS.

We’re self-isolating too – we’re working from home, just like you

Okay, so our partners, mechanics and automotive specialists are still heading to work to keep the nation moving, and we thank them for being such a big part of the solution, but where we can help here at Fixter, is we’ve done just what we’ve been told by the government.

We’re fortunate that we operate in a digital environment, so we’ve sent our entire office staff home, where they can work just as efficiently as ever. We can still take every call, organise every booking, offer advice, help and assistance wherever you need it, and at the high level of service we’ve carried ourselves with since our launch in 2017.

We’re always happy to help, especially in these difficult times

So, it’s with mixed feelings we celebrate our recent success. It’s sad that it’s had to come during such a worrying time for so many, but by playing our part in providing some peace of mind with safe and hygienic forward planning for our customers, we’re truly happy to help.

We want to be one of the businesses to stand proud and say we did our best to help when the dust finally settles. So, we’ll continue to protect our customers with our strict new health and hygiene regime for as long as the situation lasts.

We’ll keep you moving and motoring, healthy and safe. We’ve always put our customers first, and today is no different from any other.

It’s all part of the service, after all.