How our additional help service for the over-65s works

From now on, anyone over 65-years-old can ask us to assist them with our additional help service when making a booking.

  • You can make your MOT, service or repair booking yourself, online or by phone, or it can be carried out by a family member, neighbour or friend. At the time of booking, let us know that you’d like to take advantage of our additional help for an over 65-year-old.
  • Fixter will contact you on the day before your vehicle is scheduled for pick-up and ask you what we can do to provide a little extra assistance. We’ll do our utmost to make your requests happen.
  • We’ll manage all of this utilising our physical contact free service, making sure to minimise contact, keep the correct distance, all set in place to protect our customers.
  • We’re taking some extra steps to help the most vulnerable during this time of crisis

    You’ll have read in one of our recent articles about how our bookings have been the highest in our history during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re thrilled that we get to help so many of you find some peace of mind, being able to make sure your cars are up to what may lie ahead of us, without any risk to yourselves when visiting a garage or travelling to and from drop-offs and collections using public transport.

    Higher levels of hygiene and protection for every single customer

    Our standard practice includes the collection and delivery of every car we MOT, repair or service, from wherever you live.

    We’ve also instigated protocols to make sure your vehicles are thoroughly sanitised before their return, and your contact with our hero drivers bringing your serviced or MOT’d vehicles are as safe for you as the government guidelines have dictated.

    We wanted to do more to really pitch in during this time of crisis

    Our founder and CEO, Limvirak Chea, made an announcement this week about how demand has risen so significantly over the past week, especially with customers who have realised that our service minimises physical contact and supports social distancing and self-isolation. We’re delivering peace of mind as well as MOT’d vehicles!

    But what more could we be doing to be part of the bigger solution?

    This is what he told the press:

    “It got us thinking, how could we further help the most vulnerable, and do our bit to help in the COVID-19 crisis? So, from today, we are offering customers over the age of 65—in London—the opportunity to request additional help from the drivers collecting and returning their car — such as picking up essential supplies.

    “When customers most in need of help book their car in for an MOT, service or repair, either online or by calling us, or through a friend, family or neighbour, they can now request this additional support. To make this possible, we will contact eligible customers the day before we collect their car to ask if they require us to collect any essential items. We will treat each request on a case-by-case basis and will endeavour to help as many customers as we possibly can.”

    We’re proud to be part of the solution

    Not all heroes wear capes, right? Some wear overalls. Some carry a UK driving license and a few bags of shopping.

    Our decision to help our customers over the age of 65, we hope, will buy every one of them a little additional security and also help to lower any anxiety they may be facing. By extending our typically high standards of customer service in this area, we hope to be an example to others too.

    If we can show those around us how a little extra effort can provide a huge difference for those people we should be looking after, they might just follow suit and be part of a society that cares for those most vulnerable when they really need it.

    Keeping up-to-date with the latest guidelines

    We’ve instigated many new ways to provide the best service possible for our customers, and we’ll continue to do so as we watch closely for updates and changes to what’s going on around us.

    You can read all about how we’re doing our best to manage operations during the pandemic and also how our physical contact free service works.

    Above all, we want you to stay safe, calm and healthy until this time of crisis is safely behind us.

    Wherever we can, we’re here to help. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support in our business.

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