How much does it cost to replace a clutch kit?

A clutch kit replacement costs, on average, £475.

Typical prices can range anywhere between £300 and £700.

Like the engine, the clutch is an essential part of your car. This component protects the transmission and engine by disconnecting the wheels from the continually running motor during gear shifts.

Petrol-powered cars can usually run for over 60,000 miles before needing a replacement. This lifespan depends greatly on how the car is driven and frequency of use.

What are the clutch kit replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
Clutch Kit replacementCitroen C1 1ltr Petrol£628£53318%
Clutch Kit replacementFord Fiesta 1.2ltr Petrol£414£34819%
Clutch Kit replacementFord Focus 1.6ltr Petrol£533£44420%
Clutch Kit replacementHyundai i10 1ltr Petrol£545£46617%
Clutch Kit replacementKia Rio 1.2ltr Petrol£375£31818%
Clutch Kit replacementMini Cabriolet 1.6ltr Petrol£793£69614%
Clutch Kit replacementNissan Qashqai 1.5ltr Diesel£661£56018%
Clutch Kit replacementPeugeot 207 1.4ltr Petrol£524£44418%
Clutch Kit replacementToyota Corolla Verso 1.8ltr Petrol£515£44416%
Clutch Kit replacementVauxhall Combo 1.3ltr Diesel£574£49516%

What factors can affect the cost of a clutch kit replacement?

The price of a clutch kit replacement can be quite expensive. Replacing a clutch is an involved, often time-consuming process. Since it’s such an essential component for your car, many garages overcharge for this service.

A further factor that can affect the price of your replacement is whether or not a flywheel is necessary for your vehicle.

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What are the costs of clutch kit replacement parts?

As well as the clutch kit itself, you’ll likely need a few other parts to complete the job.

  • Clutch kit parts (plate, cover, and release bearing) – £235 (average)
  • Gearbox oil – around £35
  • Flywheel – somewhere in the region of £400 (average)

We’ve researched some clutch kit prices from Eurocarparts, to provide an idea of costs for specific makes and models.

In our search, we took an average for standard 2015 models.

Car MakeCar ModelClutch Kit Prices
MercedesC Class£484
BMW5 Series£249

What are the labour times and rates for a clutch kit replacement?

Mechanics in the London area charge, on average, £78/hour, whereas those operating outside the country’s capital are a touch lower at £72/hour.

How long does a clutch kit replacement take?

We dug through our records to find out the average time taken to replace clutch kits on the following cars. Hopefully, this should offer a good idea on the different durations for makes and models and similar types of car they cover.

Car Make          Car ModelTypical Replacement Time
FordFiesta3.5 hours
Fiat5003.7 hours
VolkswagenGolf4.9 hours
AudiA47.5 hours


Clutch kit replacement FAQs

What’s in a clutch kit?

There are generally three main pieces within the overall clutch system, a disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing. Since each is continuously in use, it’s best to replace all at once. Not doing so could lead to uneven wear on the clutch disc, which affects the other parts.

When do I need to change my clutch kit?

If you experience any unusual noises, crunches, or increased tension when depressing the clutch pedal, there might be an issue.

Other factors to consider when you want to know if you need to replace your clutch include climate, quality of the disc, and driving environment. Drivers who regularly pass through city centres tend to shift gears frequently. This constant movement wears down the clutch quicker. Additionally, although not generally applicable to the UK, warm weather tends to negatively impact transmission fluid levels – creating increased friction.

Fixter’s approach to clutch kits

When receiving a clutch kit replacement service with Fixter, your car is in good hands. Our garage network comprises over 35 years of experience, and services thousands of cars per month.

We work with top networks, including Bosch Car Care, Autofirst, Auto Care, Unipart Car Care, RAC, AA, and Trust My Garage. Our garages receive training from Group Auto, Bosch, and Autofirst, among others to maintain compliance and stay up to date on industry and technological changes.

All our garages meet the UK’s MOT standards and thoroughly tests each car. Additionally, you can count on Fixter to perform regular maintenance check-ups with our full, major, and interim services. Each offering is tailor-made based on the needs of your particular car.

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