How much does it cost to replace spark plugs?

Based on Fixter’s repair and replacement data, we’ve found that the average spark plugs replacement cost (UK) ranges from £40 to £350.

The average cost of spark plug replacement balances out at £259

Can I carry out my spark plugs replacement myself?

In most cases, swapping over a set of spark plugs isn’t too complicated a procedure, if you’ve got the right tools for the job.

However, some of the larger engines require a lot of effort to get to those plugs, and if you’re not wholly confident in your ability, it’s always best to leave the work to a professional mechanic. You could do a lot more harm than good with even the slightest slip of the hand.

If you’re a competent DIY mechanic, there are plenty of instructional pages online that will show you how to change spark plugs.

What are spark plugs replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
Spark plugs replacementBMW 3 Series 1.6ltr Petrol£158£13716%
Spark plugs replacementFiat 500 0.9ltr Petrol£71£6215%
Spark plugs replacementFord Fiesta 1ltr Petrol£222£18818%
Spark plugs replacementFord Focus 1.6ltr Petrol£73£6414%
Spark plugs replacementMazda CX-5 2ltr Petrol£120£10613%
Spark plugs replacementNissan Note 1.4ltr Petrol£209£17619%
Spark plugs replacementToyota Aygo 1ltr Petrol£68£5915%
Spark plugs replacementVauxhall Astra Twintop 1.6ltr Petrol£302£25618%
Spark plugs replacementVauxhall Corsa 1.2ltr Petrol£215£18715%
Spark plugs replacementVolkswagen Golf 1.6ltr Petrol£111£9616%

What factors can affect spark plugs replacement?

The main factor is how many spark plugs there are in your engine. The number can vary from 4 to 8, so, as you can work out, the cost of your parts could double, and the labour time will increase accordingly too.

As we consider how much to replace spark plugs, this, and the brand of the components are the main areas of consideration.

What are the costs of spark plugs replacement parts?

Prices for new spark plugs vary for each make and model. The average price for spark plugs from Eurocarparts is £54.

In our search, we took an average for standard 2015 models.

Car MakeCar ModelSpark Plug Prices (each)
BMW5 Series£15

What are the labour times and rates for spark plugs replacement?

We’ve got a wealth of experience into understanding how different hourly rates range between mechanics. Again, there are plenty of contributing factors, from the size of the business, to its location, and the demand for their service in their area.

The ballpark average hourly rate outside London falls at £72.

As you’d imagine, the rates of garages operating within the London area are slightly higher, but not as much as you may expect, at £78.

How long does spark plugs replacement take?

According to our findings, changing your spark plugs can take anywhere between 0.3hr and 2 hours. It all depends on the make and model of your car and how tricky it is to access your plugs.

Take a look at a few of our findings: You’ll see just how different the time this job takes for each make and model can vary.

Car Make          Car ModelTypical Replacement Time
FordFiesta0.5 hours
Fiat5000.3 hours
MercedesC Class2.0 hours
AudiQ50.5 hours


What do my spark plugs do?

Your spark plugs are responsible for detonating the fuel and air mixture in your engine’s combustion chamber to propel your car. It’s the spark that starts the process to force your pistons down, rotating the crankshaft.

How do you know when there’s something wrong with your spark plugs?

Some of the more typical symptoms are that your engine cuts out after starting, or it doesn’t run smoothly. You might notice excess vibration or have trouble starting your car. If there’s a problem with your spark plugs, there’s a good chance your check engine light will illuminate on your dashboard.

When to change your spark plugs?

If you’ve experienced any of the above issues, then it could be time to switch your spark plugs then. Your spark plugs will build a layer of deposits over time and should be replaced fairly frequently to maintain the best performance from your car.

How often to change spark plugs? A rule of thumb would suggest spark plugs be replaced every 30k miles. Having said that, your plugs will most likely be replaced during a full service to protect and get the best performance from your engine.

Can I replace my spark plugs one at a time or do I have to change them all at once?

When changing spark plugs, they should always be replaced as a full set. It isn’t recommended to change single spark plugs, as it can affect the performance of your engine.

What causes spark plugs to stop working correctly?

As they continually fire, igniting your car’s fuel, there’s a chance that carbon can build up on the plug’s electrodes. This is known as carbon fouling. With too much build-up, their operation is affected, and that’s not healthy for your engine.

It’s also possible to suffer a build-up of oil on your spark plugs. This, however, can be resolved with a simple cleaning.

The other key wear and tear issue is that every time your spark plugs create a spark, it destroys a tiny part of the metal in the electrodes. Eventually, after many, many operations, they can have lost enough to prevent their best operation and require replacing.

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