How much does it cost to replace a car thermostat?

According to Fixter research, a car thermostat replacement cost (UK) ranges between £107 and £198.

The average car thermostat replacement cost works out at £152, including parts and labour.

Can I carry out a thermostat replacement myself?

Your thermostat is a crucial part of your car’s cooling system. It operates the valve that delivers the precise amount of coolant required by your engine. To maintain your car’s optimum performance, it needs to work at a constant and specific engine temperature. By adding coolant to the radiator when it’s too hot or closing it when it isn’t quite hot enough, your thermostat is responsible for your car engine’s perfect operating temperature.

Despite being a relatively simple repair, given the importance of its operation, we’d always recommend that an experienced and qualified mechanic carry out your thermostat replacement. If you fail to replace or seal the gaskets around the thermostat correctly, it can lead to all kinds of performance issues and even damage to your engine.

What are the thermostat replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

Operation Vehicle Average Dealer Price Fixter Price Average Saving
Car thermostat replacement Citroen DS3 Cabrio £226 £162–£198 £47
Car thermostat replacement Jaguar Sovereign £205 £150–£184 £38
Car thermostat replacement Mercedes GLS £197 £142–£173 £39
Car thermostat replacement Vauxhall Astra-G £140 £113–£138 £15
Car thermostat replacement Mercedes E-Class Cou