How much does it cost to replace an ABS wheel speed sensor?

According to our research, the ABS wheel speed sensor replacement cost (UK) is typically between £155 and £450.

The average ABS wheel speed sensor replacement costs around £220.

Can I carry out an ABS wheel speed sensor replacement myself?

First, you’ll need to figure out which sensor has failed. For that, you’ll need a scanning tool to test each of the four separate wheels’ sensors. Accessing the sensor will often mean removing a wheel bracket or even the wheel itself. You’ll need a handful of specialist tools, cleaners, sprays, sockets, and a jack and jack stands.

If you’re a competent and experienced DIY mechanic, testing and switching a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor could be within your capabilities.

However, for the rest of us, it’s a job far better left to the professionals.

What are the ABS wheel speed sensor replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

Fixter saves its customers, on average, 30% against dealership prices. So if you need an ABS sensor replacement, we’re here to deliver the best end-to-end service, using the leading garages in your area, and at the best rates.

Our expert in-house mechanics vet each of the garages in your area, choosing only to work with those that operate at the exceptionally high standards our customers expect.

What additional factors could affect ABS wheel speed sensor replacement?

Your dashboard should warn you about a faulty ABS sensor as soon as it stops working correctly. Occasionally, the problem that led to the sensor failure may impact the braking system, including your brake discs and pads. If you need to replace an ABS wheel sensor, your mechanic should check all the associated components for continued correct and healthy operation. If there are related issues, they can bump up the sensor replacement cost with additional repairs or replacements.

What are the costs of ABS wheel speed sensor replacement parts?

Prices for new ABS speed sensors vary for each make and model. So we took a look at a selection of sensor prices for a few of the more popular cars, all from Eurocarparts.

In our search, we picked out prices for standard 2020 models to try and create a fair comparison.

Car Make

Car Model

ABS Speed Sensor Prices










Land Rover

Range Rover





What are the labour times and rates for ABS wheel speed sensor replacement?

Wheel sensor replacement costs vary across the country according to each garage or dealership. We checked our records to calculate the typical city and national hourly rate.

The average hourly rate for garages within the London area came out at £78 per hour. However, for garages throughout the rest of the country, the price was slightly lower at £72 per hour.

What is an ABS wheel speed sensor?

ABS sensors are critical to braking performance. ABS prevents your wheels from locking under heavy braking in dangerous situations. In each wheel of your car, a sensor monitors the wheel’s rotation speed and delivers the information to the car’s computer (the ECU). The computer uses the data to determine the best braking pressures for each wheel and also uses the data in the transmission and navigation systems.

Can you drive with a bad wheel speed sensor?

Your brakes are one of the critical components in motor safety. Driving with spongy, worn, or faulty brakes is a recipe for disaster, and that includes driving with faulty wheel speed sensors.

If your braking performance is hampered, then you’re running the risk of inadequate operation and dangerous driving. If your car’s ECU doesn’t have the correct information, how can it possibly dictate the stopping power and sensitivity required for the rain, dry, sleet, ice or snow or in any other unknown situation?

Does the wheel speed sensor affect ABS?

Absolutely. That’s its main job. The sensors in your wheels provide crucial information that your car’s computer needs to operate your anti-lock braking system. With the correct data, it delivers precisely the right amount of pressure to bring you to a stop as quickly as possible without skidding and losing control—whether the road is wet, dry, or covered in snow.

What are the symptoms of a bad ABS wheel sensor?

The first and most obvious sign is the ABS warning light illuminating on your dashboard. You may also notice poor braking performance, especially in wet weather conditions, or that it takes longer than usual to bring your car to a complete stop.

How do you test a wheel speed sensor?

Testing wheel speed sensors is usually carried out using specialist code delivering diagnostic tools but can be checked using a voltmeter, ohmmeter, or oscilloscope. With such sensitive electronic equipment, it’s a job probably better left to a professional.

What causes a wheel speed sensor to go bad?

Wheel speed sensors usually sit behind the brake rotors, and in this position, they’re continuously exposed to the dirt and debris thrown up from the road under all weather conditions. Given the nature of these sensitive electronic components, it’s easy to how they can malfunction and need replacing from time to time.

Can you fix or clean ABS wheel sensors?

There are occasions where an ABS warning light illuminates, yet there isn’t a mechanical issue with the component itself. Sometimes, the problem is with the sensor wire or cable, or the sensor merely needs cleaning.

To clean an ABS wheel speed sensor, you’d need to access it the same way you would to replace it. Unless you’re an experienced home mechanic, once again, this is a job better left to the professionals.

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