Typical exhaust repair costs

If you’ve got an exhaust failure or leak to repair, the vehicle you drive will, of course, have an impact on the likely costs and quotes you can expect to receive.

For a full exhaust inspection, repair and replacement, you could expect to pay anything around £300 for smaller, simpler cars such as a Dacia, Daewoo or a Kia.

Bigger family cars from Ford, Hyundai, Peugeot or Vauxhall, are often around the £300–400 mark.

Luxury marques and bigger models from BMW, Alfa Romeo, Lexus or Land Rover will reach around the £600 range.

Essential information for drivers replacing their exhaust pipe

More often than not, it’s pretty easy to tell if it’s time for a replacement exhaust system or any of its associated components. Your car will be making much more noise than normal—and often, embarrassingly so.

But what does this mean for drivers? There are a range of questions you might be asking yourself; how will it affect your car and its performance? What does an exhaust repair cost? Which exhaust centre should you choose? Who are the best exhaust fitters? And which of the many replacement exhaust parts will you need?

We’ve got all of the answers right here, so stop worrying about your exhaust blowing, rattling and rusting. We’ll let you know all the facts and what to expect from a replacement exhaust quote.

Reasons your exhaust system could need replacing

Mounted underneath your car, your exhaust system is constantly exposed to the poor weather elements that are likely to cause your exhaust pipe, manifold, silencer and any of the fixings that hold it onto your car to corrode.

If you notice big chunks of rust dropping off any of the components, or you hear excessively loud noises coming from below, then chances are one or more of your parts has worn out and it’s time to take care of that exhaust pipe repair.

What does your exhaust do?