How much does it cost to replace an EGR valve?

Based on Fixter’s repairs and replacement figures, EGR valve replacement cost (UK) ranges between £337 and £804.

The average cost of an EGR valve replacement balances out at £465.

What is an EGR valve, and what does it do?

First, let’s look at what EGR stands for—Exhaust Gas Recirculation. We know that this component is part of your exhaust system, but what does it do? Well, if all the gases produced by your engine were fed back into the atmosphere in one go, the resulting harmful emissions would be way over the acceptable thresholds for healthy operation.

The EGR valve feeds part of your engine’s exhaust fumes back into the combustion system, reducing the amount of clean air it needs to do the same job. In turn, this reduces the operating temperature as most of the gas it feeds back is carbon dioxide, and that doesn’t burn. The resulting lower temperature prevents those harmful nitrogen oxides from forming, reducing the amount that is released during each pass.

What are the symptoms of a failing EGR valve?

As part of the exhaust system, the first thing you’re likely to spot if your EGR valve isn’t working correctly is the black smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust. You might also notice a drop in engine power, poorer fuel economy, and an unhappy sounding and performing engine that stalls regularly and feels far rougher while idling. There’s also a strong chance your engine management light will illuminate on your dashboard.

What are the EGR valve replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
EGR Valve ReplacementFord Focus 1.6ltr Petrol£447£39214%
EGR Valve ReplacementVW Passat 2ltr Petrol£480£42513%
EGR Valve ReplacementJaguar XE 2ltr Petrol£538£46416%
EGR Valve ReplacementVW Golf 1.6ltr Petrol£933£80416%
EGR Valve ReplacementLand Rover Evoque 2.2ltr Diesel£616£52617%
EGR Valve ReplacementBMW X5 3ltr Petrol£478£41914%
EGR Valve ReplacementNissan Qashqai 1.5ltr Petrol£510£43318%
EGR Valve ReplacementMercedes B Class 2ltr Diesel£418£37916%
EGR Valve ReplacementAudi A4£415£35118%
EGR Valve ReplacementVW Tiguan£1099£93917%

What factors can affect an EGR valve replacement?

As we’re looking into how much EGR replacement costs, these are the main areas of consideration.

Typically, it’s the make and model of car you drive, who you choose to carry out the work, and the brand of the parts you use; they will all affect the total cost of your replacement. You could save money if you do the work yourself, paying only for the parts, but to do that, you’d need to be a reasonably competent DIY mechanic.

When your EGR valve starts misbehaving, it sends the wrong amount of carbon dioxide back into your combustion chamber, or at the wrong time, both affecting the combustion reaction.

What many drivers don’t realise is that the EGR valve has ports that become clogged with debris or particulate from the exhaust. In some cases, a simple clean can free the valve and have it back to normal operation for far less than its replacement. It’s worth asking your mechanic to check why your valve isn’t working as it should be, and whether or not it needs replacing or just cleaning.

What are the costs of EGR valve replacement parts?

Prices for a new EGR valve vary for each make and model. The average price of an EGR valve from Eurocarparts is £265.

In our search, we took an average for standard 2015 models.

Car MakeCar ModelEGR Valve Prices
MercedesC Class£404
BMW5 Series£270
Land RoverRange Rover£599

What are the labour times and rates for EGR valve replacement?

We’ve got a wealth of experience into understanding how different hourly rates range between mechanics. There are many contributing factors: the size of the business, its location, and the demand for the service.

The ballpark average hourly rate outside London falls at £72.

As you’d imagine, the rates of garages operating within the London area are slightly higher, but not as much as you may expect, at £78.

How long does an EGR valve replacement take?

Looking once again at the averages delivered by our data, an EGR valve replacement should take around 3/4 of an hour.

Take a look at a few of our findings; you’ll see some comparable times for how long the job can take for different makes and models.

Car Make          Car ModelTypical Replacement Time
VolkswagenGolf1.3 hours
AudiA43.3 hours
BMW5 Series0.5 hours
Land RoverRange Rover6.2 hours
VolkswagenTiguan0.6 hours

Can I drive with a bad EGR valve?

We wouldn’t recommend it. As with many of the components in your car, the impact driving with a clogged or damaged EGR valve has on its own performance, and other associated parts could lead to more severe damage and even costlier repairs.

The effects a faulty EGR valve has on your engine performance, specifically the rise in temperature, can cause additional damage to the engine if allowed to operate under such circumstances. Driving for long distances with excessive deposits on your cylinder head could lead to irreparable damage. It’s far better to have it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

How do I stop my EGR valve from blocking?

Running a car using high-quality fuel can help limit deposits. They tend to include cleaning additives that keep those sooty carbon build-ups to a minimum. If you’d like to get the longest possible lifespan from your EGR valve, you can always have it cleaned periodically to avoid the excessive build-up that leads to permanent damage.

What are the other components involved in the EGR valve’s operation?

The EGR valve is controlled by your engine management system. It connects into your exhaust system via a metal tube, feeding the exhaust gases back in through the inlet manifold. The valve is driven by a solenoid on the EGR unit or by a solenoid on the vacuum circuit.

Some EGR units include a cooler that lowers the temperature of the gasses before being sent back into the combustion system. The EGR cooling unit is plumbed into the engine cooling system.

Can I replace my EGR valve myself?

We wouldn’t recommend anybody with less than a good level of DIY mechanic skills and experience to take on this job. For those who have a good understanding into the workings of their car, and have confidently carried out a wide range of repairs already, we think this is one of the tasks that should be within their scope, and hopefully, only take a couple of hours.

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