Fixter remains operational through the Coronavirus lockdown

8 January 2021

Latest COVID-19 Update

Following the announcement of a new, full lockdown across the country from 4th January 2021, we want to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our customers, drivers and garages will continue to be our top priority. We’ll continue to do everything we can to keep your car in the best condition for any journey you have to make. The government has not granted any further MOT extensions for this lockdown period, so MOT renewal remains mandatory for all vehicles on the road.

At Fixter we remain open for business and continue to offer a safe, convenient and contactless service. Our service is organically proactive in helping to limit the spread of the virus. Our drivers collect your car from wherever you are and return it to you, freshly sanitised, when the work is complete. We work within social distancing regulations and offer a completely contact-free system.

There may be some depots, garages and centres that are affected by staff shortages due to self-isolating, and the garages that remain operational will be showing even more attention to social distancing guidelines. For the foreseeable future, Fixter will remain fully operational.


25 March 2020

The safety of our vehicles is still paramount despite the Coronavirus MOT 6-month extension

Today the government has announced an extension of 6 months on MOT due dates, and has imposed the following legislation:

“From 30 March 2020, MOT due dates for cars, motorcycles and light vans will be extended by 6 months. This is being done to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

The guidelines tell us that the exemption will be applied automatically, extending the car’s current MOT expiry date by 6 months. If your car’s MOT expiry date is on or after 30 March 2020, you need not do anything. However, you must still make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

The last thing anybody wants is to experience a breakdown while delivering groceries, medication or vital supplies to elderly or vulnerable relatives.

Fixter’s contact-free collection and delivery MOT service

Fixter is open for business as usual. The most advantageous part of our service for our customers during this pandemic is that we offer a system that is organically pro-active in helping to limit the spread of the virus.

Our hero drivers collect your car from wherever you are and return it to you, freshly sanitised, when the work is complete. We work within social distancing regulations and now offer a completely contact-free system.

We’ve got plenty of availability, so book your vehicle check, service or MOT test today. Not only will you be taking full advantage of the downtime during the lockdown, but our mechanics and drivers are providing the best possible solutions to keep your car and your family safe throughout this time of crisis.

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24 March 2020

Fixter offers wide availability across the country

If you’re in doubt about a remaining MOT or service appointment and are concerned about how the recent developments are likely to affect you, our team of experts are always available to put your mind at rest.

To take full advantage of our contactless collection and delivery service, we’re taking and carrying out as many bookings as ever, as more customers see the essential value in our service.

Garages remain operational as a valid MOT is still required for all vehicles on our roads

The DVSA Support (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) outlined that the government has yet to make any special allowances or exemptions for cars, vans and motorcycles regarding a waiver for possessing a valid MOT certificate. With this news, it means business continues as usual for garages, mechanics and testing centres throughout the UK.

There will, of course, be some depots, garages and centres that are affected by staff shortages due to self-isolating, and the garages that remain operational will be showing even more attention to social distancing guidelines. Still, for the time being and the foreseeable future, Fixter remains fully operational.

MOT testing is under review

The support centre added that the DfT (Department for Transport) continues to keep MOT testing under review and will provide any updates to changes in due course.

Government guidance for businesses remaining operational

While many non-essential businesses are closing temporarily to protect customers and staff from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many businesses are encouraged to remain operational to keep life as normal as possible during the pandemic.

Without many of these businesses continuing to provide their services, there will be a significant effect on how we function through the pandemic. The trades who ensure we remain safe in our homes, at work or on the roads, are just as important as ever. We’re going to play our part for as long as we need to, and to make sure we do everything we can to support those who really need us.

The specific guidance detailing which businesses must close for our safety and any exceptions to those businesses are outlined on this government document.
Within the motor industry, only car showrooms have made the rulings so far. Our cars are of utmost importance during this time, and so is the safety of those who use them.
With this in mind, our mechanics must be available to keep us, and our cars, as safe as always.

18 March 2020

We’re here to help keep the wheels turning through difficult times

First, I’d like to announce that during this challenging period, the team at Fixter are all working incredibly hard to make sure, where we can, we’re protecting our staff, customers and partners from the spread of the Coronavirus.

To do this, we’ve implemented a range of actions that we feel provide the best available protection, all in line with the NHS guidelines and recommendations.

We’ll be closely monitoring the updates provided by the World Health Organization and by the UK Government to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help keep you as safe as we possibly can.

Working with our partners to provide the best protection

We’ve been in constant contact with each of our garages and collection partners to make sure the necessary behaviours are in place to protect you, our customers, from any additional worry of contamination.

All of our participating garages have been advised in the best hygiene practices, following the rules laid out by the latest NHS guidelines. We believe that following the advice and precautions laid out by the NHS and the World Health Organization is the best way we can play our part to limit the likely problems over the following weeks and months:

  • Self-isolation of all staff showing coronavirus symptoms
  • Regular 20-second hand-washing
  • Use of hand sanitiser, wipes and gels
  • Avoiding physical contact and keeping safe distances at all times

  • Working with our Fixter heroes (drivers) to provide the best protection for them and you

    We have also instigated protocols to make sure that our Fixter heroes are properly protected and are actively working to reduce the opportunities of the virus spreading.

    All of our Fixter heroes will now:

  • Wash their hands with soap and water and use sanitiser gel at regular intervals
  • Wipe down steering wheels, gear knobs, driving controls and vehicle handles at the point of collection and delivery
  • Sanitise to recommended levels when using public transport
  • Maintain safe distances when dealing with customers
  • Avoid all forms of physical contact

  • We’re still up and running despite the crisis

    Despite the severity of the virus and the containment measures, we believe we can play an important part in keeping the country moving forward.

    We’ve instigated a complete work-from-home system for our office staff

    We’re fortunate that our business isn’t dependent on our office team being sat behind a specific desk each day. Our phone-lines can be diverted and your questions answered and bookings arranged, wherever our team members are working.

    So, we’ve made it a priority that our staff will all be working from home until it’s safe for their return. That way, we’re protecting them and anyone they might have come into contact with during their usual commute.

    Helping those who must commute to keep moving

    Many of the country’s business operations demand that as many as possible of their staff remain healthy and can reach their offices or depots, wherever working from home isn’t an option.

    Public transport provides a key area for the virus to spread, so maintaining a healthy-running vehicle for those still making their commute to work is paramount.

    We know that keeping you mobile is going to play an essential part for both the welfare of the country and your family. That’s why we’re going to keep working for as long and as hard as we can. We want to help keep your life moving forwards while we’re all under the restrictions of the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Fixter remains fully operational

    Because of the way we run our service, as long as our garages and partners remain in operation, then we can too. Given that our office team can all work from home, we feel that we’re one of the safest types of business in operation.

    We regularly hold video conferencing and remote meetings, a great deal of our customer contact is provided through digital methods, so our tech-based operation means we’re well adept in operating a smooth-running business from wherever we are.

    Ways to take advantage of the downtime

    For any of our customers who are currently working from home, this could be an ideal time to organise your car MOT or service.

    For those who are self-isolating, we can help you too. If you didn’t already know, you can have every type of car repair, service or upgrade carried out without ever leaving your home. Our Fixter heroes collect your car and deliver it back to you when the work is complete.

    If you are showing symptoms, then talk to our operatives about how to manage a safe handover of your car keys, making sure there is no contact between you and our Fixter heroes.

    Above all, take care of yourselves and those around you

    We’d love to see everyone come through this worrying time with the minimum impact on their families and friends. We’re doing our best where we can, and we hope you will too.

    We want to thank all of our customers for their continued support, and we promise to keep you updated with our progress and any updates to our service and operations via our website, email or through our social media channels.

    Co-founder & CEO