The first thing we’d like to say is a big thank you to all the motorists who chose Fixter to rectify the issues they were having with their cars in 2021. We’ve had a good look through our vast records from last year to pinpoint the most problematic parts of our vehicles.

While you may not be surprised at our results, we noticed that almost all of the issues should be spotted during a service. Whether that was the case with the repairs on our list or not, we can’t say for sure. What we can say is, look how essential your yearly service is! If you haven’t booked your car in for one for a while, isn’t it time you did?

Fixter’s 2021 top 10 repairs and replacements

  1. Brakes – pads, discs, and caliper replacements
  2. Fluids – wiper washer fluid, engine coolant, and brake fluid
  3. Belts – timing belt and fan belt
  4. Heating & AC – aircon regas/repair, compressor replacement, condenser replacement
  5. Oil and oil filter changes
  6. Clutch kit repairs and replacement
  7. Battery replacement
  8. Spark plugs
  9. Coil spring replacement
  10. Wheel alignment

1. Brakes

It’s pretty dangerous to ignore any noise or grinding coming from your brakes or if they feel soft and spongy and aren’t stopping you as quickly as they should.

Book them in for an inspection immediately. It’s just not worth the risk.

2. Fluid top-ups

Although you might not think running out of wiper fluid is a big deal, try telling yourself that when you’ve just hit the back of another car on the M4 because you couldn’t see clearly through the dirt that’s accumulated on your windscreen.

Coolant, brake fluid, and steering fluid relate to more obvious safety issues for you and your vehicle. Again, a service should sort these, but if you spot something out of the ordinary during your routine checks, there could be a bigger issue afoot.

3. Timing and fan belt

For drivers who have replaced their timing or fan belt this year—we salute you. A worn or damaged timing or fan belt can ultimately result in a seized engine—a repair or replacement far costlier than just updating those belts.

4. Heating and air condition

This repair is less to do with safety and more to do with comfort. Number four on our list shows how important staying warm (or cool!) is while carrying out our commutes or heading out on an adventure.

5. Oil and oil filter changes

An oil and filter change is all part of good housekeeping for motorists, but if you’ve noticed problems with oil consumption or rough engine performance, then it could be a sign of bigger problems. Oil condition is detrimental to engine life, so finding this at number five on our list is reassuring for the health of your cars.

6. Clutch kit repairs and replacement

A slipping clutch will impact your car’s performance and fuel economy, so the moment you notice something’s not quite right, that’s the time to investigate. It’s far better to replace a clutch sooner rather than later; after all, being left