Inaugural international start-up programme

German automaker Volkswagen selected start-ups at pitch competitions in Tel Aviv, Prague, London, Riga, and Hanover dealing with car-pooling, petrol payment, blockchain vehicle history, route optimisation, e-vehicle charging station booking, and road surface quality. Named the “Future Mobility Incubator,” this is the first time Volkswagen chose international start-ups to participate in the Gläserne Manufaktur-based programme.

“This time we have only selected international start-ups – and found fresh, innovative ideas for mobility in Europe and Israel. Starting in September, we want to develop these concepts to market readiness with our experts.”

-Kai Siedlatzek, Chief Financial Officer at Volkswagen Saxony.

Top innovations chosen by Volkswagen

Detailed information about each start-up is found below.

Zouzoucar (FR)

With a focus on trust, this ride-pooling app intends to help kids efficiently travel to school, extra-curricular activities, birthday parties, etc. The goal is to save time and money for parents who make redundant trips.

CarPay-Diem (LU)

Already compatible with more than 10,000 petrol stations in the Benelux region, CarPay-Diem is a platform which facilitates easier payments between drivers and fuel pumps.

“CarPay-Diem has developed a payment system to pay for fuel without having to leave the car.” – Delano

carVertical (LT)

Providing accurate vehicle history via the blockchain, carVertical collects a register from various sources (leasing and insurance companies, private owners, etc), and creates a tamper-proof history.

Make My Day (IL)

Intended to save drivers time and money, this app integrates charging station information whilst providing the best possible route in real-time.

Go To-U (UA)

Connecting drivers of electric vehicles to charging stations at hotels, cafés, and restaurants, Go To-U offers a platform allowing car owner’s to make hospitality reservations while booking charging time.

ToporAuto (RU)

Using acceleration sensors and GPS data from cars, this app monitors road surface quality and sends information to city planners, car manufacturers, and digital map makers.

The sky’s the limit

Each start-up receives generous support from Volkswagen, including space at the Gläserne Manufaktur, €15,000, IT support, and other additional resources from the Dresden automotive community.