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How much does a brake pads replacement cost in Heywood?

The price of a typical front brake pads replacement in Heywood is around £60 - £188. Depending on your car make, model and engine, the price of a front brake pads replacement on your vehicle can be higher or lower. We computed prices for some of the best-selling cars in Heywood in order to give you an idea of how much a front brake pads replacement costs. Rear brake pads replacement in Heywood costs on average £70 - £211.
Car modelFixter price range
Front brake pads replacement for Ford EcoSport£65 - £102
Rear brake pads replacement for Ford EcoSport£78 - £122
Front brake pads replacement for Volkswagen Polo£60 - £94
Rear brake pads replacement for Volkswagen Polo£70 - £111
Front brake pads replacement for Vauxhall Viva£70 - £111
Rear brake pads replacement for Vauxhall Viva£78 - £122
Front brake pads replacement for Audi Q5£120 - £188
Rear brake pads replacement for Audi Q5£134 - £211
Front brake pads replacement for Mercedes M-Class£106 - £166
Rear brake pads replacement for Mercedes M-Class£106 - £166
Front brake pads replacement for Peugeot 108£70 - £111
Rear brake pads replacement for Peugeot 108£70 - £111

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Takes a lot of stress away

I would definitely recommend this company: knowing someone was keeping an eye on everything to make sure I wasn't being overcharged for parts and labour takes a lot of stress out of having the work done. I felt really well looked after. Thank you Fixter.

Kathleen Hodge, West Yorkshire

Excellent service

Excellent service. On time to pick up my car & drop it back. Full service cost £179, main dealer quoted me £700-lots different!

Muhammad, Birmingham

Total game-changer!

Just had my MOT done through Fixter for the first time. It took about 5 minutes of my time in total to book, hand over the key, and get it back when the car was returned. So I was able to carry on looking after my 2 year old. Total game-changer!

Oliver Woodford, London

No need to drive to a garage

Can't get more convenient than someone turning up, taking the car from the house for its MOT and returning it a few hours later. No having to drive to a garage (often miles from anywhere or in the middle of an industrial estate) or hanging around waiting.

Darren, Pontefract

I literally cannot fault them

This is the 3rd time I have used Fixter and I recommend to everyone. It makes getting an MOT super easy for me. Everyone I speak to on the phone is incredibly helpful and polite, and they seem to be the most cost effective. I literally cannot fault them.

Julia M, Bristol

Our expert insights into brake pads replacement

What are brake pads?

Brake pads are a key component of any vehicle’s braking system. When you use your brakes, the pads hydraulically squeeze the brake discs, slowing your car down through friction and pressure.

Symptoms of malfunctioning brakes pads

A loud screeching or grinding noise when you apply the brakes or feeling your car vibrating under braking is a clear indicator that new pads are required.

What happens when we replace your brake pads?

Our efficient and fully qualified mechanics will establish which brake pads need to be replaced and fit new ones as necessary.

Daniel, from LondonDaniel, from London

Hey Fixter, how often should brake pads need replacing?

Your brake pads should last for 50,000 miles, but there are a number of variables, including driver behaviour or the type of pads used. Also, keep in mind that nearly 20% of MOT failures are caused by faulty brakes.

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Want to learn more about brake pads replacement in Heywood?


Heywood, a town in Manchester, is a thriving community with a population of approximately 30,000. Known for its close-knit atmosphere and friendly residents, Heywood is also home to a bustling car maintenance industry.

After analyzing recent data, we have identified the most popular cars among Heywood residents. Topping the list is the Ford Fiesta, a reliable and compact vehicle that perfectly suits the needs of many Heywood drivers. Following closely behind are the Vauxhall Corsa, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, and Nissan Qashqai.

It is interesting to note that Heywood residents prefer practical and fuel-efficient cars, reflecting the town's emphasis on sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Vehicle numbers in Heywood

Heywood boasts a significant number of registered vehicles, with approximately 15,000 cars on its roads. This high number reflects the town's reliance on private transportation and the demand for reliable car maintenance services.

Postcodes and suburbs in Heywood

Heywood is divided into various postcodes and suburbs, each with its own unique charm. Some notable areas include OL10 (Heywood Town Centre, Heap Bridge, and Broadfield), OL11 (Bamford, Castleton, and Norden), and OL12 (Rochdale, Wardle, and Littleborough). These diverse neighborhoods contribute to the vibrant automotive landscape of Heywood.

Connecting Heywood residents with top-notch car maintenance services

As a car maintenance platform catering to the needs of Heywood residents, we understand the importance of providing exceptional services to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Whether it's routine maintenance, MOT testing, or repairs, our platform connects car owners with trusted professionals who are well-versed in the specific requirements of Heywood's automotive landscape.

With our extensive network of skilled mechanics and garages across the town, we ensure that Heywood residents have access to reliable and efficient car maintenance services. Our platform also offers the convenience of online booking and transparent pricing, making it easier than ever for Heywood drivers to take care of their beloved vehicles.

At our car maintenance platform, we are committed to keeping Heywood's cars in optimal condition, ensuring that residents can navigate the town's streets with confidence and peace of mind.

How do brake pads work?

To slow your car down or bring it to a stop, your brake pads are used to clamp down on either side of the brake discs attached to your rear wheels, to create friction and reduce speed.

How often should brake pads need replacing?

Symptoms of malfunctioning brakes

Your car doesn’t slow down or stop as well as usual

If you feel that your brakes don’t work as well as normal or they don’t seem to provide the normal level of performance, then your brake pads could be damaged or worn out.

You can hear a squeaking or grinding noise when you brake

Any unusual sounds coming from your brakes during their operation could be a sign that the brake pads are damaged or worn down to the base plate metal.

Your brake warning light on the dashboard is illuminated

If any of your dashboard warning lights are illuminated, the sensor that detects problems or worn out parts and components has detected an issue and activated the system.

The brake pedal is in a lower position than usual

Any change of position in your brake pedal could be because of a problem with the brake pads, discs or brake fluid.

The car vibrates under braking

Excessive movement or vibration when braking could be due to problems with brake pad or disc positioning, or state of repair.

When your car pulls to one side under braking

If only one brake is working correctly, it can cause your car to pull in the direction of the functioning brake.

What happens when we replace your brake pads?

  • Our efficient and fully qualified mechanics will inspect the brake system for signs of wear, damage and breakage.

  • They will establish which brake pads need to be replaced and fit new ones as necessary.

  • You will also be advised of any other parts that may need to be replaced for the best operation and health of your vehicle.

  • Once the brake pads have been replaced, our mechanics will test it thoroughly to ensure the correct operation of the new parts and make any adjustments required for premium performance.

What causes your brake pads to stop working correctly?

The main reason your brake pads will stop functioning correctly is usually down to general wear. Over time and constant use, the friction material on the surface of the brake pad will wear out.

It’s also possible that foreign objects thrown up from the road can become trapped in the braking system can cause damage to the brake pads. The failure of other brake system components could lead to the incorrect operation, jamming or failure of your brake callipers, causing excessive wear or damage to your brake pads.

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