What does a full car service include?

It depends where you take your car to have it serviced as to exactly what you’ll get for your money, but rest assured, every full car service will include an abundance of checks, replacements, refills and adjustments.

The full service makes sure your car is in optimum health and prepared for another year of roadworthy use.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of what’s likely to be included in your annual car service checks.

Engine servicing

  • Draining and refilling the engine oil and replacing the oil filter
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Replacing spark plugs where required
  • Examining lines and seals for oil leaks
  • Examining the radiator, hoses and the header tank for wear, corrosion and leaks
  • Checking the antifreeze strength, the amount of engine coolant and topping up levels where required
  • Check all drive belts and tensions
  • Checking the fuel lines and petrol tank for signs of leaking
  • Check the timing belt and consider the time since its previous replacement
  • Examine the AdBlue levels on diesel engine cars

Brake servicing

  • Check brake pads and disks for signs of wear and damage
  • Check all brake pipes and hoses for corrosion and deterioration
  • Make sure the brake fluid is at the correct level, and the condition of the fluid is good
  • Test the handbrake and make any necessary adjustments for its ideal operation
  • Make a visual check of the brake callipers for apparent signs of wear or damage

Wheel and tyre servicing

  • All tyres are checked for roadworthiness, legal tread depths and that they’re running at the correct tyre pressure

Steering and suspension servicing

  • Check the condition of the suspension springs and associated components
  • Make sure the power steering fluid reservoir is at the correct level – top up where required
  • Check the condition of the shock absorbers
  • Examine the steering and the state of the steering rack gaiters

Exhaust system servicing

  • Check the condition of the exhaust system for visible signs of wear, damage and corrosion
  • Examine the smoke levels exiting the exhaust

Clutch and drive system servicing

  • Examine the drive system for any transmission oil leaks
  • Where appropriate, check the clutch fluid level
  • Check the drive shaft for leaks and stability

Internal vehicle servicing checks

  • Make sure all windscreen wipers and washers operate correctly, aren’t worn or damaged, and screenwash levels are at an appropriate level
  • Check pollen filters where appropriate
  • Examine the windscreen for chips and cracks
  • Check internal and external mirrors for damage
  • Examine all seat belts for correct operation
  • Make sure both number plates are clean, free of damage, and secured in place correctly

General servicing checks

  • Examine all external and internal lights for correct operation – including:
    • Headlamps
    • Brake lights
    • Indicators
    • Fog lights
  • Check the horn operation
  • Test dashboard warning lights for full functionality

What is the average cost of a full car service?

The typical full car service cost averaged out through the UK, currently stands at around £125.

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