How much does a brake hose replacement cost?

According to Fixter data, the brake hose replacement cost (UK) usually ranges between £100 and £175.

The average brake hose replacement cost works out at approximately £125, including parts and labour.

What are the brake hose replacement costs at dealerships compared to Fixter garages?

If you replace a brake hose with Fixter, on average, we save customers around 30% against dealership prices. Not only do you save money, but you also benefit from our superb collection and delivery service.

It’s the most convenient way to carry out car repairs, upgrades, services, and MOTs you’ll find. Who else collects your car and delivers it back to you when the work is complete?

What additional factors could affect a brake hose replacement?

When switching a brake hose, you’ll also need to drain and replenish the brake fluid. Depending on how your faulty brake hose has affected the rest of the system, you may need to replace brake padsdiscscallipers, or even wheel cylinders in worst-case scenarios.

What are the costs of brake hose replacement parts?

Prices for new brake hoses vary for each make and model of car. We took a look at a few Eurocarparts brake hose prices for a selection of popular vehicles.

In our search, we took the average for standard 2020 models.

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