How much does a brake hose replacement cost?

According to Fixter data, the brake hose replacement cost (UK) usually ranges between £100 and £175.

The average brake hose replacement cost works out at approximately £125, including parts and labour.

What are the brake hose replacement costs at dealerships compared to Fixter garages?

If you replace a brake hose with Fixter, on average, we save customers around 30% against dealership prices. Not only do you save money, but you also benefit from our superb collection and delivery service.

It’s the most convenient way to carry out car repairs, upgrades, services, and MOTs you’ll find. Who else collects your car and delivers it back to you when the work is complete?

What additional factors could affect a brake hose replacement?

When switching a brake hose, you’ll also need to drain and replenish the brake fluid. Depending on how your faulty brake hose has affected the rest of the system, you may need to replace brake padsdiscscallipers, or even wheel cylinders in worst-case scenarios.

What are the costs of brake hose replacement parts?

Prices for new brake hoses vary for each make and model of car. We took a look at a few Eurocarparts brake hose prices for a selection of popular vehicles.

In our search, we took the average for standard 2020 models.

Car MakeCar ModelBrake Hose Prices
BMW5 Series£23
Land RoverRange Rover£28

What are the labour times and rates for brake hose replacement?

Replacing a complete brake line can take between two and three hours when carried out by a professional mechanic. Replacing just the hoses should take half an hour to an hour.

Brake hose replacement costs vary across the country according to each garage and dealership. We examined our records to calculate the average hourly rate.

We found for garages within the London area, the average rate came out at £78 per hour. For the garages throughout the rest of the country, the price was a little lower, as you’d expect, at £72 per hour.

How do I know if my car needs a new brake hose?

  • Brake pedals feel spongy.
  • Brake fluid leaks from under your car.
  • Visible signs of damage or deterioration to hoses.
  • Brakes fail or feel faulty.

Another way drivers find out about failing brake hoses is when they fail an MOT. Brakes are an essential part of driver safety, so every part of the system is thoroughly inspected. Anything that isn’t fit for purpose scores a fail, and that’s often the first time a driver hears about it.

Can I carry out a brake hose replacement myself?

This is a job for an experienced home DIY mechanic, and if you’re anything less than confident, then it’s another job better left to the professionals.

Your brakes play a huge part in your car’s road safety, and if there’s anything even slightly amiss with your refit or brake fluid bleeding, you’re risking the lives of your passengers, pedestrians, and other road users.

Can you use rubber hoses for a brake line?

No! You can’t use rubber or hydraulic hoses for brake lines, nor should you replace sections and splice them together.

How long does a brake hose usually last?

The average lifespan of a brake hose is around six years. The actual lifespan of your brake hose will depend on the driving conditions, the weather, mileage, wear and tear, and the quality of the components you use.

Can a bad brake hose cause a calliper to stick?

Yes, they can. Rubber particles or pieces of debris from a disintegrating or perishing brake hose can trap fluid inside the hose or cylinder, causing your brakes to stick.

Can you drive with a broken brake hose?

No! As we mentioned earlier, your brakes are essential to your safety, and a broken brake hose won’t give you the full performance and stopping power you need to drive safely. You must have any offending brake system component replaced as soon as you spot there’s a problem.

Are brake lining and brake hose the same thing?

No. Brake lines transfer fluid along rigid paths, and brake hoses are used to transfer the brake fluid between components that move, for example, when attached to the wheels.

If you think your brake hose needs replacing, or if there’s anything else causing concern under the bonnet, why not let one of our experts take a look and identify the problem for you? We’re always ready and waiting to help.

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