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How much does a car battery replacement & fitting cost for Jeep cars?

A typical Jeep battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) in the UK costs around £106 - £277. Depending on your Jeep model and engine, and whether you live in a big city or a small one, the price of a battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) on your vehicle can be higher or lower. We computed prices for some of the best-selling Jeep cars in the UK in order to give you an idea of how much a battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) costs.
Car modelFixter price range
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Cherokee£127 - £199
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Commander£176 - £277
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Compass£106 - £166
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Grand Cherokee£176 - £277
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Patriot£141 - £222
Battery replacement (without automatic start/stop) for Jeep Renegade£141 - £222

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Our expert insights into car battery replacement & fitting

What is a car battery?

The car battery is responsible for powering all of the electric components in your car. This includes the:

  • Starter motor

  • Radio/speakers

  • Air conditioning

  • Electric windows

  • Car alarm

Without a functional car battery, none of these features will work. And worst of all, you won't be able to get your car to start without battery power.

How to know if your car battery needs replacing?

One of the most common signs that you need a battery change is if your car struggles to start. This often manifests as a prolonged clicking sound, indicating that the engine is taking longer than usual to fire up.

How to get an expert opinion on whether your battery needs replacing, or just a recharge?

Our efficient and fully qualified mechanics will inspect your battery for correct operation, signs of corrosion and it will be load tested to ascertain its ability to retain charge.

Daniel, from LondonDaniel, from London

Hey Fixter, how often should a car battery need replacing?

The lifespan of a car battery is between 4 to 6 years. This is dependent on several factors: the quality of the battery, weather conditions, vehicle type, driving habits, and vehicle type.

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I would definitely recommend this company: knowing someone was keeping an eye on everything to make sure I wasn't being overcharged for parts and labour takes a lot of stress out of having the work done. I felt really well looked after. Thank you Fixter.

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Excellent service. On time to pick up my car & drop it back. Full service cost £179, main dealer quoted me £700-lots different!

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Just had my MOT done through Fixter for the first time. It took about 5 minutes of my time in total to book, hand over the key, and get it back when the car was returned. So I was able to carry on looking after my 2 year old. Total game-changer!

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Can't get more convenient than someone turning up, taking the car from the house for its MOT and returning it a few hours later. No having to drive to a garage (often miles from anywhere or in the middle of an industrial estate) or hanging around waiting.

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This is the 3rd time I have used Fixter and I recommend to everyone. It makes getting an MOT super easy for me. Everyone I speak to on the phone is incredibly helpful and polite, and they seem to be the most cost effective. I literally cannot fault them.

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Want to learn more about Jeep car battery replacement & fitting?

What does a car battery do?

The car battery is responsible for powering all of the electric components in your car. As well as the lights, stereo, windscreen wipers, etc. it is also responsible for powering the ignition system that starts your engine and keeps it running.

What's the difference between an electric car battery and a petrol/diesel car battery?

Petrol/diesel car batteries are small, lead-acid batteries designed to provide a quick burst of energy to start the engine and power accessories, whereas electric car batteries are large, lithium-ion batteries that store significant energy to power the vehicle over long distances.

Electric car batteries are much higher in capacity, weight, and voltage compared to petrol/diesel car batteries. Additionally, electric car batteries have sophisticated management systems and longer lifespans, but they require external charging infrastructure.


Jeep is a brand of American automobiles, established over 70 years ago in 1943, and has been owned by the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles since 1987.

Jeep’s current range consists solely of SUV and off-road vehicles, but there’s plenty available for every eventuality. Whether you need a car for an out-and-out adventure or a luxury family vehicle, Jeep has something for just about anyone.

There were 83k Jeep vehicles on the UK roads by the end of 2018, a number that could show signs of growth with the marque’s plans to introduce more small and large SUVs and fully electric models to the range.

Crossing streams or navigating the school run—you can do it all in a Jeep

With a 5-year warranty and a selection of body styles and sizes, Jeep has SUVs and 4x4s that traverse the full range. With a starting price of under £20k for the compact Renegade, all the way up the ranks to the £90k Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Jeep will get you where you’re going, however you choose to do it.

Be part of the Jeep family at Camp Jeep

For Jeep owners across Europe, and in some of the most stunning and challenging locations available, Camp Jeep gives their drivers an event of their own to celebrate the bond between the brand and its fans. With a packed programme of off-road test-driving, and theory and practical courses held by the Jeep Academy, the camp is backed up with additional social activities including hot air balloon flights, concerts and family fun and games to provide the perfect atmosphere.

You don’t get that kind of inclusion from any of the typical mainstream brands.

Which other factors could lead to a battery replacement?

Leaving the radio or air conditioning on

If you leave your car radio, air conditioning or other electrics on overnight, there's a good chance that the battery will die. At that point, it's possible that a recharge is all you need. However, you may need to call out for a mobile mechanic in order to receive a mobile battery service, so try not to let this happen!

Not fitting the right battery

It's super important to make sure that you select the right battery for your vehicle. Otherwise, it's likely to drain more quickly or, worse, it can cause damage to other components of your engine.

Older cars or batteries

The simple fact of the matter is that if you have an old car battery, or just an old car, you'll run of juice more quickly. If your car battery is flat, it might not be a fault, it could just be age.

Other defective car parts

Problematic alternators and other engine parts can cause a total battery failure. That's why when we fit a new car battery, we'll check to make sure that things are running smoothly first.

The law, vehicle regulations, and your MOT

The physical condition of your battery will not cause your car to fail an MOT, but if the car won’t start, run or operate the electrical components properly because of your battery, then that will.

What happens during a car battery replacement service?

  • If required, your battery will be replaced and you’ll be advised of any other connected or associated problems arising from its malfunction.

  • You will also be advised of any other parts, for example, the cables, that may need to be replaced for the best operation and health of your vehicle.

  • Once the battery has been replaced, our mechanics will test it thoroughly to ensure the correct running of your vehicle and make any required adjustments.

Seven other signs that your car battery needs replacing

If you're experiencing any of the following issues, there's a good chance you're going to need a new battery for your car.

Your car won’t start

If your car doesn’t start when you turn the ignition switch, especially when the engine doesn’t make any attempt to turn over, your battery could be flat.

None of the electrical components work

If the lights, fan, radio or any other electrical components in your car don’t turn on or operate, then your battery could be drained or damaged.

The terminals are corroded

If the terminals (connection points) on your battery are corroded, then your battery is likely to be damaged or worn out.

Your battery has powdery deposits on it

If there are white or blueish powdery deposits on any parts of the battery, this is a sign of acid leaking and incorrect operation of your battery.

A swollen battery case

A bloated or swollen battery case indicates that your battery is overheating. This could be due to overcharging or a fault within the battery itself.

An unpleasant smell

A rotten egg smell from the battery suggests it's leaking sulphuric acid, and a solid indication that the battery is dying.

Your dashboard battery light is on

If your dashboard battery light is illuminated, it might be the only warning before your battery fails. Driving with this light on, especially on a long journey, is risky as it could indicate a dead battery, faulty alternator, or wiring issue.

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