How much does it cost to replace a timing belt and water pump?

The average cost of a water pump and timing belt replacement in the UK is £369. The price can vary, though, with anything from £210 to £620.

Can I carry out a timing belt and water pump replacement myself?

This isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, so we’d suggest you always choose a professional mechanic to carry out the work. Lining up your timing belt wrong can have disastrous consequences, so get yourself a Fixter specialist on the job and leave nothing to chance.

What are the timing belt and water pump replacement costs at a dealership compared to Fixter garages?

OperationVehicleDealer PriceFixter PriceSaving
Time belt and water pump replacementAudi A3 Sportback 1.6ltr Diesel£722£61218%
Time belt and water pump replacementFiat Panda 1.2ltr Petrol£287£24517%
Time belt and water pump replacementFord Fiesta 1.2ltr Petrol£378£32616%
Time belt and water pump replacementJaguar XF 2.7ltr Diesel£452£39315%
Time belt and water pump replacementLand Rover Range Rover Sport 3ltr Diesel£534£45717%
Time belt and water pump replacementNissan Juke 1.5ltr Diesel£293£25515%
Time belt and water pump replacementRenault Grand Scenic 1.6ltr Petrol£429£36717%
Time belt and water pump replacementVauxhall Astra 1.8ltr Petrol£377£32815%
Time belt and water pump replacementVolkswagen Golf 1.4ltr Petrol£408£35814%
Time belt and water pump replacementVolkswagen Touran 1.9ltr Diesel£492£41020%

What factors can affect a timing belt and water pump replacement?

As with much of the repair and replacement work carried out on our vehicles, one of the biggest factors to affect timing belt and water pump replacements are the make and model of the vehicle, itself.

For example, given the average price we quoted for the work earlier in the article, one of the more expensive models is a Jaguar XJ. To replace your pump and belt on this model would stretch to £951.

What does a timing belt and water pump cost?

There are a number of components required to carry out a full replacement, and the cost of each, as an average price in the UK are show below.

  • Timing belt kit – £143
  • Water pump – £59
  • Coolant – £17
  • Serpentine – £30

We took a look at some of the components available from Eurocarparts, for the 2015 models shown below, and this is what we found:

Car MakeCar ModelWater Pump PriceTiming Belt Price

How long does a timing belt and water pump replacement take?

The average time taken for a water pump and timing belt change is between 3 to 6 hours.

With the average hourly rate for garages in the London area being £78 and for garages outside London at £72, the following figures help to understand how the prices are calculated.

We’ve picked a few typical cars of different sizes and classes to give you an idea of the difference between makes and models.

Car Make          Car ModelTypical Replacement Time
FordFiesta2.7 hours
Fiat5002.6 hours
VolkswagenGolf2.7 hours
AudiA43.4 hours
Land RoverRange Rover4 hours

What’s the difference between a cambelt and a timing belt?

We previously discussed the difference between a cambelt, timing belt, and timing chain and revealed that a timing beltand cambelt are the same part. This is important to keep in mind, especially since servicing centres and car manufacturers use both terms.

Also, called out in our previous post, there’s a broad range of suggestions as to the mileage when you’ll need to change your timing belt/cambelt. Recommendations span from 40,000 to 100,000 miles (depending on make and model), we highly suggest replacing your timing belt and water pump, at minimum, every 5 years.

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Read on to learn more about how the timing belt is connected to the water pump. We’ve also researched how popular UK models compare against Fixter’s competitive rates.

How much does timing belt replacement cost?

We researched manufacturer pricing for the top 5 UK car models, such as Ford or Vauxhall. As a reminder, Fixter’s timing belt replacement service starts at £299, depending on your car make, model and engine. Rates are based on official car brand websites (and are subject to change), unless otherwise noted.

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Should I replace my timing belt and water pump together?

It’s generally advised to install a new water pump when your car’s timing belt is due for replacing.

In most cars, these parts are connected – with the timing belt propelling everything. Since the water pump supplies coolant to the engine, it’s important this part is properly functioning. As with any component, preventative maintenance is the best way to save you from costly damage in the future. An overheating engine can be catastrophic. Luckily, Fixter’s door-to-door service offers top-rated service at the lowest possible cost. In keeping with our transparent pricing, if you don’t need a new water pump, you won’t be charged for one. You’ll have the final say before any additional work is completed.

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